Strangest place you had sex

This is such a fantasy for me. I’d love to try public sex. Is it good?

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In a tent on a camping holiday with my parents. (Both me and my partner at the time where over 18)


Nice to see someone else making use of a shop changing room… we found it quite a buzz.

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Oh way to go…that is quite impressive.
I’ll not ask who it was with.:joy:

@GoGirl12 . I have just posted an exploit from my younger days on
that your post was very reminiscent of.
Love your line " and ride like hell"

@GoGirl12 … it was absolutely shocking…needed to go in for a valet service afterwards :joy:

We recently did it in a department store changing room. There was no one on duty so we both went in. I tried on my dress which was quite low cut. My husband made a complimentary remark so I leaned forward to give him a better look. One thing led to another and we were soon fully engaged so to speak. We had to keep the noise down as I’m a bit of a screamer but it was so much fun. Can’t wait to go shopping again :sunglasses::sunglasses:


This is one of my dreams but always worried about getting caught and sent packing with my trousers down :see_no_evil: and trying to find someone with the same want to do it in a changing room is difficult

I don’t think it would have happened but the department store seems to be cutting staff so we were able to go into the changing cubicle without being seen. We didn’t plan it. It just kind of happened. Me in my underwear… A very low cut cocktail dress and it led to amazing sex. Hormones I suppose!!!

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Ugh jealous is an understatement! Sounds amazing good for you both to do it. Think the risk element makes the sensual experience so much better, a leisure centre cubical is also a fantasy of mine

I’ve had sex (prior to meeting hubby) in many places, none ‘strange’ I wouldn’t say;
A changing rooms cubicle
On the beach (lots of bjs on the beach too)
In the car in various places
Quiet night train
Cinema (lots of times! And a lot of bjs there too)
Restaurant toilets
On a swing in the park at night
Swimming pool
In the sea

Can’t think of anywhere else right now. Not sure if any qualify for ‘strange’ but I have been very adventurous previously!


As “host gentleman” in MMF threesome in a French sleeper carriage…


On a train platform. We thought the trains had finished for the night. They had not…


Thats on the bucket list , we are currently building and we are planning it , so hopefully very soon

Before I met OH I had sex on the girls front gate was a little risky but luckily we didn’t get caught

Was it with the dentist… or are you the dentist.
Maybe the dental nurse.
I did have a fling with a dental nurse when young and single. She had a thing about having sex in the dentist chair .