Stress and sex life

Not having anyone that I can really talk about this topic with , thought I would come on here to just get it all out.

I had an eptopic pregnancy 4 years ago and went through a lot of medical and mental issues that followed that. Due to this I put weight on and was diagnosed with diabetes , the weight and I think general unhappiness with my body causes mine and hubbys sex life to dwindle to virtually nothing.

Recently I have got my diabetes under control have started looking after in myself more , our business is booming and life just seems less stressful all around.

In the last three weeks we’ve had more sex than we have done in the last 4 years , we’re enjoying each other again and during a very sloppy bj earlier he even asked if I’d consider wearing leather and latex for him.

Really just wanted to tell someone how good it feels to be back where we are. Silly I know but it feels good.


@Gingerninja That is fantastic news that you have reconnected, enjoy your rekindled love / sex life, plenty of avenues to explore, with the help of Lovehoney.

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Hi @Gingerninja that’s really good to hear! We were in a similar situation a couple of years ago, sex life had dwindled and it took a lot of working together to just set aside time to get back to a good place.
There is hope out there for things to get better, even when it looks really bleak - communication is the key. :grin:

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That’s great to hear @Gingerninja especially after the rough period you went through previously. It goes to show how our mental state has such a bearing on our sex lives. I’m now also curious how you responded when your hubby asked you to wear leather or latex?

Slightly shocked as he’s never mentioned it before but lingerie was always something I enjoyed wearing for him previously so wouldn’t be against it.


Its really good things are on the up for you and your sex life sounds like its going well also. lingerie is always a great turn on for me and the leather or latex sounds good to me so hopefully you are willing to try it and i’m sure hubby will be very happy. Have lots of fun and hopefully you will give us an update at a later date. @Gingerninja

@Gingerninja fantastic and i bet your OH is over the moon, with his fingers crossed for some sexy clothing soon. Excellent that you’ve recognised the improvement and enjoying it too. :heart:

This is a great post to read - Congratulations!

…As a starting point into the leather and latex I highly recommend the Fierce Wet Look and the Fierce Tough Love ranges. I have pieces from both and they look fantastic, feel fantastic and are much easier to wear and more size adaptable than true leather and latex.

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I will check them out. I would have to buy from the plus size range as I’m curvy with J cup
Boobs so hopefully they have something for me.


Absolutely not silly at all, so please don’t feel that way! Ectopic pregnancies and pregnancy losses are very difficult to handle emotionally (my OH and I have been there) and it’s a long road to recovery. I’m happy to hear that you and your OH are feeling like yourselves again, and that’s something to be proud of!

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This is great! Well done.

I was going to suggest the Fierce range also and see that @Peitho got in there 1st, its a gorgeous range, though the cup sizes are small. If you don’t mind a bit of spillage, then that’s where I would suggest you start your search.
Men love spillage btw :wink:


Those are very difficult.
We had a few more “regular” miscarriages, they’re very difficult. The 1st one, 5 days after my dad passed away, was particularly horrible for us both.

But life goes on as they say, and sex isnt just a physically pleasing exertion, there’s much emotional connection going along with the physical pleasure.

Glad to hear you feel better, and in a place where you can both reconnect in a way you missed before.

Hey @Gingerninja there’s nothing silly about being thrilled with the new spark in your sex life. Congrats to you and long may it continue!
I’ll second the recommendation @Peitho made about the Fierce Wet Look stuff. I’ve got a few bits from the range and I’m a plus size girl with big boobs ( 38H) and everything looked and felt fab! I would suggest sizing up though and if your considering the Fierce Wet Look Zip Up Crop Top I’d go two sizes up :slightly_smiling_face:


I love these stories! Thanks for sharing, stress really does affect so much doesn’t it. So happy for you both! :relaxed:

Not silly at all, I’m glad you’ve taken the time to share and appreciate the acknowledgment of things getting better for you, not many people take time to do this nor realise how mentally healthy it is to say when things are picking up :relieved:

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We just humans… things happens that can change everything… but if u got someone that’s luv you it not going to give up on you and once you sort your self out everything will be same or even better as those kinda experiences tend to bring ppl even closer .
And how nice to feel that again?
All the best 4u 2

Sounds like youre having the time of your life. So happy you and your partner can open floodgates and embrace the change.

Im currently in a position where i absolutely love my other half, ive a stronger sex drive than her and bit by bit we are realising each others fantasies.

We sext and enjoy the small moments. Its these moments that lead to pussy tightening orgasms.

Any advice to take it to the next stage?


I will never live my little girl coz temp issue stress or accident… u kno…… there is always ways to improve there is always ways to change dynamics.
U cannot change feelings if they’re really, that’s why rest is not important….
Time goes away with every mini sec ….
Some ppl just lucky it’s like lottery or maybe they just find the way of living in world with no exitment and loyalty it’s a main reason to survive