stretching question!

hey! im new here (this is my first post!!)

myself and my girlfriend have been playing with stretching her vagina, once before when we first started we hit a point where it felt like she couldn't stretch any more - it felt like bones at the side of her lips were stopping her from going any wider, but we got past that somehow. problem is its happened again now, and we cant remember how!! we both want to get past it and carry on stretching as she loves the feeling of being stretched open and having lots inside her, and i admit...i get a big thrill from it :P

does anyone have any advice on this and stretching in general?


Hello and welcome anhuk.

Sorry I know nothing about stretching vaginas.


Howdy and welcome

The only thing that comes to mind is possibly using a speculum to stretch. LH do a few:

Hope this helps!


As long as you stop if she gets a burning sensation it should be fine, she really doesn't want a torn perineum, not fun at all, believe me, I hasten to add that mine was from giving birth, not sex!

She will only stretch so far naturally, I know we can fit babies in there but pregnancy makes sure your body is ready by causing ligaments to soften so that the bones can part.

I love being stretched too but there is a limit and if she likes the whole area stretched, like I do, then be careful because I ended up with an anal fissure , not nice. Having your bum cheeks stretched wide apart while having sex gives the same full feeling, for me at least ,but you can take it too far!