Strip Tease / Lapdance Suggestions for Private

So I like to give my partner a nice strip tease / lap dance from time to time in a private setting as a nice foreplay / roleplay. I am looking for ideas to help change it up as I feel like I have done the whole "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails song too often, with either robe or coat over some lingere to peel off. I also usually have him sit and dance facing forward and away from him, doing different moves but wondering if there is something else I should mix in?

I am looking for:

1. Men or women: What are your "Go To" songs for this? ( These was an old thread out there with not much and it now closed or I would have bumped it.)

2. Favorite moves to perform ladies. Or men, what does your OH do to push you over the edge?

3. Any favorite lingiere or outfits you have personally danced / stripped in you would recommend ladies, Or men, what you have you or would you love to see your partner in for this?

Thanks in advance for any ideas and feedback.

1. I have only ever gave my husband a lap dance once in our relationship and it was to the song 'dance for you' by Beyoncé.

2. Don't have a favourite move, I just you tubed lap dancing and took what I liked and thought my husband would enjoy from those videos.

3. I started the dance wearing one of my husbands shirts with a belt round the middle to highlight the waist, a thong, suspender belt and stockings and then just danced and strip teased my way through the song!

Im sure whatever you decide to do/wear your partner will be thrilled with it! Have fun! :)

Have you Google 'd Kate Moss lap dance. I think she does one on the video of a white stripes song.

When Doves Cry - Prince

A slight variation of the idea which my OH has done to me in the past. first of all she strips me down to my boxers and leaves me restrained to a chair so basically i can't move my hands and touch her . She therefore retains full control.

As the trease goes itself she starts off fully dressed in a pencil skirt and blouse and then starts peeling the outer layers slowly. The next layer underneath the blouse and skirt is a corset and french knickers with stocking hold ups. She wears quite a few pairs of knickers and as she gradually removes them they get smaller and smaller. Same with top half as well until she is finally down to a tiny diamonique G String and Nipple tassels ( Mrs H please note!) .Whilst she is dancing she is touching me all the time as well . The final act being that she rides me whilst still being restrained to the chair. Too conclude this is a much prolonged tease and was a very nice agony for me .

Just hope its not too graphic!

Thinking about this I wouldn't mind a repeat perfromance !

Thanks for being descriptive mysteron that is helpful as I plan for something to mix it up a bit when he get back in town.

You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel.

You should learn the dance for that. I'm sure he'd get quite the shock :')

ohhh, I like that! Could pair it up with some animal print attire!