Strokers for big guys

Hi! I have some questions about which stroker I should buy. My penis is over average in size (17cm long and 5cm in girth, that's 7 and 2 inches) and the stroker I had before (one of the Lovehoney ones) was not a great experience for me. It was hard to get into, painfully tight, tiring to use, hardly pleasurable because I stretched the material so hard that I could barely feel the texture, and it ripped after one use. It also hard manufacturing errors (bubbles under the surface) so I got a refund.

I want to try again, but everything seems short and small. Could someone recommend me something that I could surely use? Ideally, it would be realistic this time, and it wouldn't need dusting powder, but I'll take what I can get.

The tenga onacups are great, but they don't last long, especially if you cum in them but they do a supersize edition which I but for the OH this is his favourite

Have you considered a Fleshlight they will certainly accommodate your size.

Try this, it eliminates the size problem and its cheap! We have it any my husband likes it.

My boy is big too,and I got him the LH stroker ultimate..he really loves it.

-I hear onacups are throwaway toys; I'd rather get something that lasts, especially for that much money.
-Fleshlights are more expensive than I had planned, I'd rather get something cheap for now.
-Hmm, that taco thing seems good. Although I'd prefer something that looks like a pussy, it seems to do what I need it to do. I'll consider buying that.
-The LH Stroker Ultimate is the same size as the old LH stroker I bought, therefore it's just as too small as the one I ripped.

17 cm is 6.5 inches, and I think plenty of strokers can accommodate this. You could use any stroker that has an open end really.

I rounded up the 6.69.

And no, not many strokers can accomodate it. Most are around 5-5.5 in length. The second end of open-ended strokers is usually way tighter than the one you enter. Those holes are there to get rid of the trapped air problem, they are not there for the penis to go through it.
The first tear in my old stroker happened when I accidentally popped through it, and it hurt enough to make me hiss out loud from the pain and stop. No more of that, thank you.

If you really are concerned with the size of the strokers, based on the products that Lovehoney have to offer at the moment, a Fleshlight really is going to be your best bet.

Yes it's expensive BUT it is designed to LAST. Unfortunately, it takes a bit of care and you will need to dust it afterwards - but this is the nature of any product that is designed to be 'real feel' - so you are just going to have to make your peace with that.

Failing that, Tenga Eggs are so very stretchy and will accomodate any size, but like the Onacups, these are one use only (with care you can get a couple of uses) but if you really are a large chap, then you'll probably end up tearing/stretching.

The Tenga 3Ds don't look all that impressive at first, but they do stretch quite well and aren't so tight, but they aren't 'realistic' looking.

I'll look into the Tenga 3Ds. Realism isn't that important, but I need something that works and doesn't need that powder crap.

My OH is the same length as you and manages with most strokers, he has popped through one but was kinda glad because he liked having a bigger hole at the top lol the tenga 3Ds work well for him because he likes hitting the top (like hitting a cervix) but it's strechy enough to cope, he also has the Tracy cox supersex which he pops out the end but doesn't mind too much.

you could just be gentler with them and leave out the bottom half inch

No, there are plenty of strokers that are open ended, not all of them just have that little hole to let air out.

We have this one which is really great, and it's double ended -

There's also these that are open ended -

There's quite a few more if you have time to look around the site :)

Maybe. The main problem is still the girth; the LH stroker was so tight it squeezed out the blood and I actually got soft, which is just one of the problems I outlined above.

You can also use cornstarch instead of "that powder crap". If you look at the ingredients of fleshlight renewal powder it says 100% cornstarch. You can pick it up really cheaply from a supermarket, and we've found that most strokers that need flashlight powder/cornstarch are more realistic, and last longer.

Remember, if you see something you like and it doesn't quite fit, you have 365 days to return the stroker and exchange it for a different one.

Which LH stroker was it? There's a few of theirs (all similar) my OH just hates. I've found loads of realistic ones which have 7 inches internal length but they need to be powdered after washing, which really isn't that much effort, you have to wash them anyway.

All right, I guess I can be okay with the powder.
This was the stroker: OH described this as "being ran over" :/ a lot of the realistic ones are longer, strokers tend to be shorter because they're stretchy and don't have a hard top. With a large girth, the strechier the better, if you're determined to not have a realistic one have a look through reviews and LH videos to see how stretchy they are, the one you have is not flexible at all

What price range are you looking at?