strokers for thick penis

I am interested in getting something like a fleshlight or tenga fliphole.

A friend told me that since tenga is a japanese company their product tend to favour the average guy.

i have a girth of 6 inches and want to make sure i can slide up without too much discomfort.

p.s a sucking action model would be awesome

Sorry, I can't actually help here but if anyone can I'd really like to know too!

Specifically if you have a tenga fliphole is it comfortable for a 6" girth and does it still feel good?

I have a Tenga Fliphole, I wouldn't recommend it if you're super girthy as I'm an 'average' width and can't imagine it being too comfortable if you were of a wide girth. Something to bear in mind with the Tenga is that it's ability to stretch around your member is restricted by the casing (as would a Fleshlight be), whereas a non cased stroker (such as a the Doc Johnson range) would stretch until the material gave out (which is very wide!). If the Tenga is stretched too far it forces open the casing at the sides too making it difficult to use. Hope that helps!

We cannot speak for the Fliphole (Do not own one yet) but we own some Fleshlight/jack toys and I do know that they fit my partners (5 in girth) perfectly fine and he describes them as feeling "Not as tight" and "More natural" feeling compared to things like the lovehoney strokers (Which feel tighter) and the Lovehoney thrust as well as some other strokers. They do have the outter case which (at its thinnest) has an 8 inch girth so at some point they will not accomodate a penis but I dont think a 6 inch girth would be too much for the Fleshlights. I guess it will all be down to personal taste though.

The Tenga Flip Holes are quite good at accommodating a lot of girth because the side panels allow the material inside to expand and bulge out through them, so I wouldn't think you'd have a problem there. Watch out because each colour has a different texture inside and some can feel tighter than others. I prefer the White personally.

With something like the disposable Tengas they come in two sizes, a regular and a "U.S." (Ultra Size) which is aimed at larger men, so obviously you'd want the latter.

With Fleshlights you should have no problem with any of the standard designs, but I'd avoid the Sword and Blade if you're larger as the insert can start to spill out of the case. Similarly the Flight and Sex in a Can models may not be best suited to your girth either. When it comes to picking an orifice I'd stick to either the Mouth or the Lady, as the tightness of the Butt around your shaft could prove annoying. The Pure model is also a good option to consider.

cheers guys. i thinking of trying a fleshlight mouth, i sceptical about flip hole