Strong Enough Vibration To Cum? (MALE)

I purchased the Tracey Cox Supersex Male Vibrator it feels nice but it’s not strong enough to make me cum, does anyone know of any other product that has a strong enough vibration?


Hello and welcome @hardtocum :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally, I don’t really cum from vibration alone, so I’m afraid there’ll be no guaranteed answer. However, the mains-powered wands are very strong, and get a lot of love on here (penis and clitoris alike :slightly_smiling_face:).

The Classic is in the sale at the minute:

You can use that pretty much anywhere on yourself, or you can get a stroker attachment for it too: (though I found it quite snug on my ‘about average if I squint’ penis :slightly_smiling_face:)

With toy’s what may work for one person may not work for another, it really is a matter of trying different one’s.
These work for me and have some good reviews

Similar to what @Ian_Chimp has mentioned, I use my mains powered Hitachi on my husband and he cums in no time at all. We have also tried the hummer / butterfly attachment and he doesn’t last even a minute with that.


Would definitely echo the above about the Hot Octopuss Pulse range . My partner finds the one we have works really well for him.

Mains powered wands are definitely a great choice for anyone looking for a lot of power.

The Fun Factory Manta has a good amount of power to it (although I can’t speak from a penis owning perspective about it).

It can be quite trial and error finding the right kind of vibrator is right for you as it depends on what frequency of vibration and surface area of the toy you need.

A full sized Magic Wand with or without a male sleeve type attachment or a Hot Octopus Male Masturbator

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Yes I use my wife magic wand straight on my bellend that can make me cum no problems


It also depends what you’re looking for specifically. Do you want to go hands free? Something that you can use as a stroker?

Any wand, I can cum using rechargeable love honey mini wand []

Again, just to echo above comments, my husband will cum within minutes of me pressing my mains Doxy Wand to his frenulum :eggplant::sweat_drops: All vibes and not a brush of stroking.


The Wand is definitely powerful enough, but agree with @Ian_Chimp the attachment is way way too small. I wouldnt bother purchasing it.

It is a strange orgasm when on vibration alone, particularly with the Wand. It’s extremely intense. Makes me both scared and jealous of women’s orgasms! :joy: :heart_eyes:


I’d certainly recommend this, Blowmotion Winged Rechargeable Vibrating Male Masturbator - Lovehoney UK as it has very powerful vibrations and the design encloses your penis, but also gives room for movement.
I found it can be pretty explosive! Just make sure you use lube with it though.

As others have mentioned, a good wand vibe may do the trick. We’ve got the rechargeable Hitachi, and I’ve had some great experiences with it. I’ve found it’s a really nice way to edge, too.


I occasionally used the Doxy wand… and whilst I haven’t managed to make myself come with it, it gets me to orgasm level pleasure, which I can maintain and repeat again and again…

It’s quite a beautiful thing really.

A doxy works one me, they key is to slowly build the vibration and never go too high. The highest settings seem too buzzy and makes thing numb. So moderate speed, no sleeve and pressed relatively hard against frenulum, and with a few minutes I have a pretty big orgasm. I would say that it’s a different experience to other orgasm though. It’s no better but perhaps the refractory period is longer and it’s a little less satisfying.