Subs: What do you like (the sandwich version)

I'm a BMT fan personally, or if I fancy a change I'll opt for a tuna sub instead.

I haven't had a Sub out for ages... partly because when I last went to subway the staff dropped meat into the veggie stuff and still inisted on trying to serve me a veggie sub, even though some of the meat was placed into the one I ordered :-/

Every time I've ben back with friends I've had similar experiences.

But I do make my own from time to time. Having Bree and a fruit jelly, or grapes/ pear/ apple/ and a bit of salad. Sometimes a smokey cheese with chilli and veggie ham/ bacon.

Spicey Bean Burger when I want something more filling, again with cheese, and salad and mayvbe relish and mayo.

Smoked Tofu with chuntey and salad - sometimes adding herbs and capers.

Falafel with either mint yogurt or hummus. Sometimes adding mixed seeds or nuts.

Basically I just make a random thing most of the time depending on what I have in. Though sometimes I'd plan it out more.

Nom. Craving Subway now.

I usually get chicken breast great with lots of salad (extra olives!), a little mayo and sweet onion dressing. My favourite is meatball marinara. Don't often treat myself to that though, but I guess that's why it's so special!

I prefer to make my own

ox tongue, proper lettuce, salad cream and sliced tomatoes

Ox tongue with english mustard for me

Only ever had one, steak and it was disgusting!

home made roast veg, danish sandwich ketchup and cheese is my favorate!

hmmm italian meatballs, cheese and olives mmmm

I use to work at subway so i got to make exactly what I wanted for my dinner and after a few weeks I had it perfect :)

Wheat bread, BMT, extra cheese grated and sliced, microwaved... lettuce, 3 tomatoes, cucumber, tiny bit of onion and southwest sauce accompanied by a white choc and macadamian nut cookie mmmmmmmmmm

The Big Gee wrote:

I'm quite partial to a Subway melt or a Club, or a meatball, or sometimes chicken or......

*considers going to get a sub now*
Hmmm, just realised I my have a problem

Haha, there is too much choice!


chicken, cheese, extra cheese, salad and bbq sauce. :) top it of with a cheeky cookie YUM!

Ah since we're listing all the trimmings too....

When I have a BMT I have it on hearty italian bread with cheese and toasted, with some lettuce and mayonaise.

When I have tuna I have it on hearty italian bread with cheese but not toasted, with lettuce, red onion and tomato sauce (everyone I know seems to get grossed out by that last bit but I think it's very tasty lol)

Italian BMT on honey oat bread, grated cheese and toasted, with lettuce and jalapenos and BBQ sauce.


only ever had it once and throught what a waste of money for a bit of bread and ham and salad, for 2 of us with 1 drink nearly £8 so thought never again, would rather make my own

I agree Rach, vastly overpriced, we've got one near our house and ive been once in 5 years!

Much rather have a takeaway for the same money.

i would think bacon musroom and tomato, but dont quote me on that lol

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

Ok. I'm gonna have to pop the question (as I am totally thick!) What is a BMT?

Stands for Big. Meaty. Tasty. It's just a combo of three meats - pepperoni, salami and ham.

lol goes to show how long ago i was in there and yes DD i agree with you, would rather have take away for same price

Big, Meaty and Tasty - now that could be taken in the wrong context by some!