Suction cup / clone a Willy stories of use

I find this forum great to get honest and fun feed back on ideas i wouldnt mind trying.

What are your experience with suction cup toys or clone a willy.

J x

I’ve tried clone a willy before a couple of times without any luck, that said I’ll try again and have one waiting! If it fails you can always use the vibe. Tip is to leave it a little runnier / less time to settle than advised. You also need to cut the tube to length which can leave a sharp edge so be careful! However I’d still love a clone so am determined to make it work

Captain bought one once but struggled to get it to work for him. Apparently sticking his penis into cold wet clay isn't very good for maintaining an election 😂😂😂😂

The clone a willy didnt go well for me on a first try :(. The moulding powder they give you isn't the best and the container you use it in is a bit too small. I thought i'd written a review about the clone a willy but it mustnt have gone through..

So after my failed attempt, i went online and ordered a big bag of decent quality moulding powder from a body casting studio. Then used this stuff in a larger container and it worked perfectly. I then used the 2 part silicone sent with the original kit in the new mold and it turned out great. The level of detail is quite amazing. One other thing that really helped is the clone a willy cock ring, i think i got it free with my order, but they are not too expensive.

So if your first attempt fails, don't worry as you can always salvage it. Just don't waste the expensive silicone if you're not happy with the mold.

Ah clone a willy. That was my second ever purchase almost 2 years ago and the memories still haunt us.

First mould went wonky as like Browncoats mentioned cold wet clay and erections don't go well. We used all the powder but failed to get a usable mould. I bought dental agate powder to try again. It's the same stuff but minty fresh. The misters mister went super tingly. Oops. Eventually we got a decent mould, poured in the silicone and put in the vibrator. When it came to the big reveal the vibrator was poking out the side and the silicone was tearing from it.

We received another kit. Used a cock ring, tried so hard (pun not intended) to get it right. First mould went perfectly. Then the reveal came and it had seeped through the mould giving a clone of what I can only imagine the hulks inflamed willy would look like.

You're supposed to use warm water :p. A larger container is a must if you dont want to touch the sides of the tiny tube they give you and end up with a weird shaped mold.

There have been previous threads on this and it is difficult to get a replica.

The 1st time I did it the mould solution set too quickly, the second time there were small bubbles in the surface so it didn't look that good.

I made a latex mould of it, poured plaster of paris in, smoothed out the bubble marks with more plaster of paris and made another mould that was perfect.

Can now use that mould to make as many copies as I/other half want.