suction cup dildos

So I am not as fit or light as my old university self... I am a woman who has gone through a bit of life!
My question is I have a suction cup dildo, which I am finding quite workable as a hand toy, but what do you find is the best place/ position to use with the suction cup?
Starting to wonder if I might be over thinking it, but I have tried in the bath, a d it is too awkward.
Any tips?

Humm, well I don't have a suction cup dildo but I would try it on a kitchen chair.

We have a tiled wall in the bathroom and the suction dildo you have, which I believe is the same one I have! sticks very nicely to these allowing me to bend over and back on to it.
If you have a wooden chair you can stick it on to the seat and ride it in that way ( gives your thigh muscles a good workout too! )
Hope this helps :)

Stick it to the fridge! Lol

Have you tried using it standing up, stuck to maybe the bathroom tiles?

I've only used a suction cup on a chair/stool that works well for me, a tiled wall, mirror or a mirrored/glass door would work laminate/gloss door might too if you want to try doggy

basically any flat smooth surface where a suuction cup would normally stick should work

Damn... All the chairs I have are the slatted fold up variety.. And there isn't much room to maneuver into a good position in my bath
I might end up giving my neighbors a dinner and show with the fridge, kitchen window faces the street, and the very blinds are crap to stop any peaking!

Might try the bedside table
If nothing else could do with "practicing" me on top...... Was never good at it in early days.... Fee extra pounds make it a bit mor challenging

There's nothing wrong with having a bit more sand in the hourglass ๐Ÿ˜‰

How about stuck onto the top of the loo seat, might be a better height for riding?

We have a few and I know my wife has found that having a wooden headboard is great (especially for her for DP threesome fantasy) and wooden floors are helpful, If you don't have wooden floors, you can always find something flat and smooth that you can stick it to and then place that on the floor, like a mirror or buy a flat chopping board or something like that. Oh and a little spit to the suction cup works a treat or lube, but be careful where you stick it as it can leave a little evidence ring.... don't do what my wife did and was to use a silicone lube by mistake and then suction it to our painted bedroom wall.

She's tried in the bath but no success, I heard a lot of splashing and giving out..... and even the tiled floor was too cold.

If you've got an exercise ball, I had great results using that with the added bounce it provides.

Exercise ball sounds interesting, I was just going to agree with one of the above posts that toilet seat is a good height and where I prefer to use mine.

Hi Naughty Mum. Try sticking it towards the edge of a door, you can stabilise yourself with one hand whilst reaching round with the other and open and shut the door as fast as you like ;-) . Just dont do it on the fridge the neighbours will wonder whats

Enjoy x

Hmm interesting location...
I am going to have to try out some of these suggestions....

Or the front edge of a dining chair,Squat facing the back grasp the top of the chair and rock it push back and pull forward at the desired stroke speed. This will probably stop you having a workout on the legs and tiring just when you dont want to.

Enjoy x

Here's something that is maybe a look at, it's called T.O.M The Other Man, I've added it to Pander Me so who knows.

I use a medium glass mixing bowl turned upside down. Means you can raise the toy up a bit so you're not awkwardly squatting and also means you can use it on a bed or any comfy surface you like, really! I'm sure there are other objects with raised, flat surfaces you can use but my mixing bowl looked the best for the job!

.... Just don't sit down on it too hard, I suppose!

Oh god, what fantastic ideas....I love the door one.

Think I need to go and add a suction cup dildo to my already verrrryyy long wishlist.

Hi NAughtymum.

I found an old Appe Mac Tower unit

It's a good height, provdes a nice seat, great surface for suction, and it has handles too! You cna pick these up for around £10 these days or less.

I find stood up with dildo stuck to shower wall is great for anal.

The mixing bowl sounds a good idea, well I mean it does put the business end at the correct height๐Ÿ˜‰
I tried the shower... Simply not much room to move
Toilet seat sounds doable.
It is not till you get these toys, you start thinking how on earth you use them.. I mean others do... But how๐Ÿ˜‰

a smooth tray on top of a couple of pillows on the bed..