Suction cup trouble

Are all suction cups the same on every dildo? Do they constantly fall off for everyone when attached to a vertical surface? I recently got the Booty Blaster dildo and so far it’s been an exercise in frustration as the damn thing keeps falling off whenever I try to ride it. It doesn’t help that the head of the toy isn’t curved to reach my prostate, so if you try and angle it slightly whilst riding it, it’ll make it come off. There’s nothing more annoying than being ridden by a vibrating/thrusting dildo that hits the right spot, only for the toy to fall straight off. 😖😞 Any advice?

Different toys have different suction cups, some better than others. I have several that do hold on vertical surfaces even under vigorous use.

It's very frustrating when they do fall off!

I think they are diffrent strength suction cups. I own only one suction cup dildo ( and it is difficult to pull off from a surface once it's fixed. I've even seen someone fix a bump in a car using the suction cup of a dildo!

If this is an important feature for you, read other users reviews and search for specially strong suction cups.

Thanks for the replies. Yeah, this feature is very important. I’ve found that the Booty Blaster is more effective when it’s attached to a vertical surface with its suction cup, but can never enjoy it long enough as it keeps falling off. Looks like I’ll have to invest in something more expensive with a better suction cup then... Disappointing that I’ve coughed up £40+ for the Booty Blaster; very disappointed with it. 😕 Is there nothing I could apply to the suction cup to help it stay on (apart from super glue lol)?

If you bought it from Lovehoney in the last 30 days I think it'll be covered by the Happiness Promise, so you can exchange it for one of a similar RRP.

If you contact customer services they'll be able to give you more information, and if it is eligible they'll even help you pick the replacement. 👍🙂

Hope this is useful

Have you tried putting a bit of lube under the cup to help it stick? Sometimes that’s helped us :)

I had no idea about the Happiness Promise policy. Thanks for bringing that to my attention; will have to look into that. :) @NatandTom: I did try using Vaseline, but that only helped a bit.

As previous posters have commented, LH will replace if not satisfied. I had an issue a while back with the suction cup on a new dildo, whereby it would become unstuck. Turned out to be a minor flaw in the silicone cup which was the culprit. I will mention the stand alone suction cup for the vac u lock range; it's the only one in our collection where I had to use a feeler gauge to prise it off the tiles!

Gazzoid wrote:

I had no idea about the Happiness Promise policy. Thanks for bringing that to my attention; will have to look into that. :) @NatandTom: I did try using Vaseline, but that only helped a bit.

Remember that Vaseline will disintegrate most sex toy materials, so using a water-based lube (or spit) to enhance the suction cup is a better option :)

We usually make sure the surface is nice and dry and flat without any debris, then we wet the suction cup a little and press it again the surface which usually works perfect. Just make sure the position of the cup doesn’t allow any air to get under it, also when your using the toy just be wary that certain movement may make it slide or adjust the position which could allow air in/out of the cup and it will fall. I’m still waiting for Lovehoney to make a suction cup box which we can slap toys on and use as desired, most surfaces don’t allow you to get your legs under when trying doggystyle which sucks a bit.

I’ll have to bear that in mind about the Vaseline. :) I sent my toy back today and should hopefully be getting this as a replacement - I was informed this one has strong suction. Can anyone clarify? I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Can’t wait to be f****d by it 🤤

The Lifelike Lover series of dildos have amazing suction cups. I've never had an issue with mine.

It's extremely frustrating when they slip!

There's a certain brand of dildos which have completely useless suction cups......not very good when you have a bigger therefore heavier dildo.

I ended up throwing my Jeff Stryker away......not only because I outgrew it, but also because it kept slipping off the wall.

It nearly went out of the window in frustration, until in a moment of clarity I remembered I had neighbours

The lifelike lover collection cup is excellent, honestly don’t know any other toy as strong as that and easy to stick to walls and flat surfaces. Pretty sure it could easily handle a tsunami or wind tunnel.

Some suction cups suck (sorry, couldn't resist) - I've found the life-like lover ones pretty great, and I wasn't too impressed with the Basixs ones.

I have the 10 inch extra girthy Life-like Lover, and it hasn't come loose during use once.

In the end, despite the suction cup being great on my replacement dildo, I find that it doesn’t do a lot for me due to them not being curved to reach the prostate. It just ends up in my poop chute and gives me that feeling of needing to crap instead. :-/