Suction toys

Hey folks,

We have plenty of toys and my partner has really started to enjoy clit suction toys. They have also been an absolute god send after having a baby as she couldn’t use anything internal for a while.

My question is do they all feel much different? We have a womanizer pro and starlet and we’re looking at the rose as this has become a viral hit. I’m just wondering if the reason this has become viral is the unique shape and actually these toys have been around for ages (womanizer etc) or if they are genuinely a better and different experience?

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Speaking as the operator, not the receiver.

We have three now.

First one from a company that is no longer in business. Worked well. Got a thumbs up. I cant even find a generic version to show as an example.

Second one is identical to the Lovehoney Clitoral Suction Stimulator. It got an immediate thumbs up and it has gotten more praise since as we have worked with placement and lube combinations.

And then we got the Rose. The first time finished with “OMG, OMG, OMG too much, too much!” and a massive orgasm. Oh and it took 71 seconds. I happened to be filming. It has only gotten better. She has actually learned to resist it to create even bigger orgasms. It has also turned into our “closer” for times when getting over the line has been difficult.

Again, I cant describe the difference but I can tell you that the Rose is special.


Thank you so much for the reply, the starlet has been used for 5 or so years now so would be good to get an upgrade. I caved and bought my partner one for her evenings in the bath and solo sessions.

Looking forward to seeing how great they really are! Thank you again

Thank you! She’s due a replacement anyways so this should be perfect. I can see a mix a reviews on the site but I think that’s due to people unsure how to properly operate and use the toy :sweat_smile:

Can anyone tell us whether the rose is more powerful than the womanizer premium?

I have a version of the rose, the Starlet 2, Mon Ami Air Stimulator and the Pro40.

They all feel different from each other. Some in power, some in type of vibration, rumbly vs buzzy, and the pattern options.

I know people rave about the rose, I enjoyed it, its rumbly, but I much prefer the Mon Ami and the Pro 40. The size of the rose puts me off too, its quite wide and bulky to be spreading to fit.

The Starlet 2 has a bigger 0 shaped opening on the head and its too powerful for me. Its a bit too buzzy for me too.

The Mon Ami and the Pro 40 have smaller O shaped heads that fit my body better and the duckbill shape of the Pro40 makes it the most comfortable one. These are rumbly vibes and start off quite low power so I get more of a build up.


Thank you so much, this covers all grounds … I’m a bit nervous now that Iv purchased the rose and should have gone for the mon ami or pro40!
I guess everyone if different though so fingers crossed my girl will have a great time and it suits her, just excited to try something new. The Black Friday offers have wrecked my bank :rofl::sweat_smile:

Don’t be nervous, the rose is really popular and a lot of people love it.

Its just finding the right fit for your partners body, but it helps for them to figure out their body and know what it wants, and honestly the only way you’re going to know is by trial and error. The good thing is that you’re doing that during a sale :rofl:


Always take advantage of the sale and try so many random toys! I had to get the desire rechargeable wand too as that was an absolute bargain! But thank you Jo, I appreciate all the advice from fellow sex toy friends :smiling_face_with_tear:

I have the desire wand, its very nice, its got a fair amount of power into it.

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Thank you all! Iv now spent a ridiculous amount on different toys, but I’m sure the OH will be super satisfied!! :sweat_drops: