suggestions for a gag for a curious girlfriend

My girlfriend has demonstrated quite a desire for me to take the lead in sex - the extra thick jelly cock is just the latest addition to an increasing number (and size!) of toys, as well as neck, wrist and ankle cuffs, a leash and blindfold and an under the bed bondage kit. She has talked about being gagged, but is nervous about ball gags. Can anyone put her at her ease about these, or alternatively suggest anything else to try as a gag?

I'm afraid as much as I adore exploring most forms of bondage, including many of the treats you have mentioned above, my personal pet hate would be being gagged.

Don't get me wrong, I love having my gorgeous boyfriends cock filling my mouth and throat, but ball gags and the like do nothing for me.

I hope someone more helpful reads your post and can offer some advice! Meanwhile, have fun experimenting, I look forward to hearing how you get on ;-)

Legs xx

Try and find one that's not got a belt (ie hole and pin) fastener. They're fiddly at best.

How about this one ^ ?

Thanks Carly - may well surprise her with a silk tie next time she wants me to take control!

LoveHoney - Carly wrote:

That is a very good indeed! It's not too big (about 3 slim ladies fingers in diameter!), feels gorgeous, has a bit of give to it and it also has a bulb shape as opposed to a ball, which means you can bite down on it and close your mouth to avoid the rather unattractive dribbling thing!

Unattractive dribbling?! That's one of the things I love about ballgags! Find it very sexy when a girl is standing up with a gag in and dribbling all over the floor :p

If you do decide to get a ballgag do not get these: - It's a good ballgag, but rather large for a beginner. - Read my review, it's just pure awful.

Try something like this: - I can't comment on this one perfectly but the ball looks rather small and the pony bit should go along well with it.

Or: - This is a good gag, as long as she doesn't mind the little penis. It's rather small so should work well with a ladies size mouth.

If she doesn't like ballgags in general you could always try out medical gags such as this one: - Again no personal experience but I've always wanted to try one.

I've just seen the date on this thread so his might be a little too late, sorry.

Try a sports sock & some gaffer tape! Cheap, effective & very handy! Worked for Terry Waite!

Add some cable tie cuffs for maximum realism!

I wont add further to the suggestions above for the gag, as it's been covered, but if anyone is looking for alternatives, good old bondage tape can work wonders - just be bloody careful they can breathe through their nose for heavens sakes! Or the old knickers shoved in the mouth is fun... teehee xx