Supermarket Sex Toys

bActive Cordless Sports Massager

I saw this in ASDA amongst the exercise equipment. I couldn’t believe it. I had seen the ‘Natural Contours Ultime’ on the internet yet here was something which looked the same at a fraction of the price, I had to buy it.

I don’t have an Ultime so I can’t do a direct comparison but the description fits the bActive Cordless Sports Massager. The sports injury this appears to be best designed to tackle is groin strain.

Where it fixes together it has a seam which can collect dirt so I use it with a condom. The shape is too short and not suitably angled to reach my clit and my G-spot simultaneously. The clit stimulator is the handle which makes it difficult to manipulate and when I rock it between my clit and G-spot the battery compartment sometimes comes open. It is also made from blue plastic which is cold and rigid.

It would be improved if it were longer and more curved to facilitate reaching the G-spot. However it is an orgasmic vibrator especially good for the price. I love the idea of a vibe available in a supermarket.

Hey Private! Long time no see - and yes, I do realise this is a post resurrected from the crypt!

Thanks for the tip about Asda - who'd have guessed. I'll pay more attention to the electrical aisle next time I do a weekly shop!

What are you up to these days I wonder?

We dare you to take it back, look the Customer Services woman straight in the eye and say, " Look, I want my money back, this poor excuse for a vibrator doesn't even reach my clit and G-spot at the same time, it's shoddily made, and the first time i used it it fell apart leaving me with clouds of black smoke pouring out of my ladybits. Are you going to give me a full refund or do I have to demonstrate the machine's shortcomings right here, right now!!" (fnarr fnarr).

Be sure to tell us which branch and when you are going, we wouldn't miss that for the world.

That would be so funny - very sex and city


I took a bottle of durex play lube back to tesco's un-opened and got a refund, there was a quee of ppl behind me lol

that would be very funny to see


Haha..the joys of supermarkets, why did you return it studley? Not the right on?