Surprise Love Sex Toy Kit for Couples

I'm thinking about getting this item for me and my girlfriend but I don't no if she'd like this or not can anyone who has this or has used it please let me no if it is any good or what because I'd like buy this if it is good thanx

Forgot to include link

Personally? No, but thats only because I can see that the kit mostly contains phthalates and there seems to be only one vibrator and a lot of other dingly dangly bits and peices that just wouldnt massively appeal to me. I also imagine the sleeves may be fragile and between the sleeves and cock rings, that makes up almost half the pack. Also it looks kind (This is just my snobbu opinion pmsl)

This kit appeals to me more because it comes with lubes and storage and its reduced massively. If you were thinking of paying £45 for that first one, I would suggest opting for this one and adding a few extras....

I know the stroker in this package is excellent and intense feeling. It also has a good bullet for your lady. Just missing an anal toy and a dildo.

This is also heavily discounted:

and this one too:

I personally prefer the products in all three of the packages I linked, than the one you are thinking about. All the linked ones are heavily discounted too, which means you could buy these better sets and just add a little butt plug or a cheap dildo if required and get much more for your money (And healthier materials too)

Just my opinion though! Need any more advise just let us know!

is she used to sex toys ? looks like a good set for introducing yourselves to toys and shared usage but if shes already experienced with them , some might be a little basic perhaps ? looks kinda like a sorta '' start you off '' set .. i could be wrong though

Thnx for the help fluffbags ano shed like that premium pack for 35 pound looks really good that 1 some of them 1ns you sent to me to look at look really good and rubysoho we've only just started out on the sex toys and she's just started getting ust to them now the stuff we've got but just really looking to see what could be good or something shed really like to use with me

Yea that does help because that's the premium pack I'm wanting to get my gf for us thnx Nicole

It's fine Nicole just trying to get the best info on things to get for me and my gf had great help so far

Yay good choice. You won't be disappointed with that premium pack. I have tried a few of those products and all good! :D Good choice Spanner!

Like Nicole says, you can always add a few extras from the 3 for £10 offer as well, if there is something missing from the pack. xx

Have fun and let us know how it went down!