Switching phone providers

Hi all you wonderful people I’m need some help from you my daughter has an unlimited o2 sim but wants to go back to giffgaff payg I currently have a payg giffgaff and want to take her o2 can she keep o2 number and can I transfer my giffgaff number to o2 pay monthly as I’m in an 18 month contract with them

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So just to understand the situation you want to swap with your daughter? so you take her contract and she will move to payg but your number goes to her contract. This isn’t a simple move to do as I believe contracts are kind of tied to the phone number in a way.
The usual way a number transfer works is you get a PAC code from you current provider and give that to the new provider and they will move the new number to the contract. Now usually when you request the code and give it to the new provider the old contract/payg will cease to exist.
I think this would need the help of the actual CS for o2 and giffgaff as because of the above could cause some issues with the contract.
But also they might not allow contract transfers. you would need to check your contract agreement

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You’d have to go into a phone shop and get them to switch the numbers around… when I switched my phone provider I went into curry’s pcworld as they had a phone techie place what could do it for me :nerd_face:

Sorted thank you everyone