tablets and posting

I've just found that when I use tablet for multiple posts, I often appear to post multiple replies to a thread.

I haven't found this on other devices, even my phone, which is an android.

But anyone else found this?

Hi Lady Ness, I am running of a kindle hd fire I have the same issue. Don't Allways have the characters either. Often can't quote post. I have real trouble copying and pasting , have to paste into a paste box 4 or 5 times.

quoting of posts, I've had trouble even on my computer.... I keep almost reporting you guys, as that's where I auto think the quote botton is #fail

luckily it comes up with another page!

But multiple posts is defo something I've only found on my nexus anroid tablet.

I'm using an iPad and have all of the above issues. Last week I inadvertently posted some of my personal browsing history. No idea how that happened, thankfully lovehoney were quick to remove it.

Hi Rachel thanks for looking into it for us.

I admit I did hit the report this post button few times when on phone or tablet because of the smaller screen so I think moving it is great idea, thank you!

I'm glad about the report button being moved too =) Thanks