Talk to me about Penis Sleeves

Xmas is going to be so much fun this year and i think new years eve will be good if we go to a party or just to the pub i have plenty of kinky underwear to wear out,But tell me are Penis Sleeves like cock rings?What i would like to wear is something that goes on/over my cock so while im out at a party or pub i can feel it on my cock,I really do find wearing kinky underwear a turn on just in itself,But would like to find something else that i could wear for a whole night,I could loose the underwear for the night and just wear something thats on my cock.

My g/f bought me a willy warmer as a little joke and she likes it when i wear it without any underwear,Its to big to wear as it is without underwear so i use one of her loose hairbands to hold it onto my cock when im not wearing underwear.

You couldn't wear a penis sleeve whilst out. They're too big. Stick with a cock ring. Go for a remote controlled one and let the Mrs have the remote!!

Thanks i shall look for something else,I thought all cock rings couldn't be worn for to long?

wildjezz wrote:

Thanks i shall look for something else,I thought all cock rings couldn't be worn for to long?

About half an hour and it starts to kill the tissue (this is what I rember any way)

Have you consider a chasity device?

Yea so i think cock rings will be out for me wearing it to a party or pub etc...Dont want to end up in er lol

I do like the look and thought of a chasity device but the price puts me off,Be ok if i was to wear it alot.


Wildjezz, you might want to try a solid ring (like ), that way it only constricts when you are erect so can be be on for the evening (just make sure it is not too small).

Another option is a glans ring (don't see any on LH but a number of reputable sites sell them), this will stimulate and can be worn for long periods.

wouldn't it give you an errection in public? Know that may be the point but if you are out with friends it could be a little awkward!

Interesting about the solid rings i think it would look good just as something decorative when im out. Thanks Private_Member

Trust me sweetLove us men and our errections or no more awkward then you women getting wet when turned on,Unless we are just wearing shorts then at times it can be a little awkward,But trousers with underwear is not a problem. Even without underwear is not really a problem.Thanks

Are there any good cock sleeves ?? they're a brilliant idea but having bought a rampant rabbit cock sleeve and a extender sleeve with a beaded end i am left feeling very disheartened , when we seen the rampant rabbit sleeve we were excited but when we got it we were both disappointed by how flimsy the thing was eventuly getting it in place the bloody thing broke after just two strokes !! so then we thought we would try i different type of sleeve , we opted for a black sleeve with spikes at the base and large nobbly beads at the tip , i could not believe how small it was it was a bloody nightmare eventually i was heaving and tugging so much it ripped , a complete passion killer !! i know they're made to be a snug and secure fit but these were so tight i could'nt even stay hard when they were on. so if anyone has any ideas where to get bigger sleeves or how to make them bigger, feel free to share your thoughts.