Talking about sex with friends

We’ve opened up to a bunch of friends about testing toys, they are keen to get in on the action :grin:


I have one friend who I know I could discuss anything with. They’re amazing :heart_eyes: they will also tell my other half ‘treat [me] good tonight and [me] might even sit on your face if you’re lucky’ :joy::sweat_smile: or things like that.

Other half thinks it is hilarious but wouldn’t necessarily sit down and have a conversation with them about sex.

I do know other half talks to work mates (at work) about their sex lives and how they mostly say they don’t get any or ‘the missus has shut up shop’ is quite a popular phrase at the moment.
They can’t usually join in with those conversations as that’s not normally the case for us.
They will mention that they have a (usually) good/healthy/active sex life but I’m not sure if they go into much more detail than that.
I will be asking them though!

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I have a buddy that I’m pretty close with and we’ve come dangerously close to telling each other about how we enjoy anal play on ourselves by our OHs. It’s teetered the line between real and joking a few times. Other than that, we’re quite open about our sex lives with each other including toys, positions, etc.

I’d be lost without having friends to talk too. Two girlfriends in particular, can ask them anything. They have openly told me they masterbate and give me tips on how to introduce sex toys with my wife. I have never told the wife that I love having my arse played with, think it would freak her out. Was very apprehensive bout ordering myself toys for it. They both gave e the confidence to do it. Think you need people like that other than your partner. Girlfriends give such a better honest straight opinion than my male mates. It’s a fine line between wanting to know there dirty secrets and genuinely jus chatting as friends, they both fit as fuck but love them so much as friends it never gets like that


I used to be way more open with friends. I don’t have many friends since my so called best friend had an affair with my ex so for that reason I now find it hard to trust people especially with intimate details like about sex. It’s unfortunate for me.

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We are always here @MissTery you can talk to us. We will always be very supportive and offer constructive advice if requested. Big hug to you


@MissTery so sorry to hesr your story once ypu have been cheated on its very hard to trust anyone But if you ever need a chat we are here for you

We’re always here for you @MissTery. I have never talked to anyone about sex, this forum has the kindest, friendliest people to offer help :slightly_smiling_face::hugs::hugs: