Talking Openly

I would love to know if any couples in the community have the ability to openly talk about their sex lives to the people around them i.e friend, family, work colleges.

In my experience, I have never discussed any part of my sex life with my girlfriend to anyone.

We are a pritty young couple and it's just not something we find comfortable talking about.

For example, I'm a member of the Irish army and there's no way I could ever tell my mates that my girlfriend fucks my ass with a strap-on lol. My fellow soldiers would disown me lol We hide our sex toys from our parents to avoid an awkward situation.

I do have a small group of friends I share everything with. I even pass toys on to one of them (unused things, lol) and I recommend products to them. We talk about what we get up to with our OH's and what we'd like to get up to, though I do keep my more extreme fantasies under wraps. They know we're into bondage but they have no idea how deeply the dom/sub dynamic goes with us.

As for family, I talk about sex with my mother and I buy toys for her too. My Dad thinks I'm a virgin, despite my sixteen year relationship and his grandson, so sex is a topic I avoid when he's around.

I know I wouldn't ever have shared any aspects of my sex life with colleagues other than to tell them it rocks :)

Nope. Neither of or my OH talk about our sex life with friends. He's told his mate that you can buy tengas that feel like sex but that's it, he didn't say he had one lol

As far as I know my husband doesn't discuss our sex life with anyone , he's not the type and I only have one very close friend who I have known since we were kids who luckily I can talk about anything with .
I wouldn't feel right about talking to family members though, I prefer to come on here .
I'll bet a lot of your army mates get up to stuff they'd never talk about with anyone!

Very open with swinging friends, but not my family, although they are aware I shop on this site x

I have no valve on my mouth, so basically anything I think just comes out of it. It's pretty much impossible to shut it up.

I blog about sex toys, so I review a lot of them! I now own more toys than I care to count. All of my friends know what I do. My sister thinks coming to visit me is a shopping experiance in which she'll go through my massage candles and lubes, and try to take any dildo she could sterilize! Thankfully she's not overly in to bondage so doesn't really try and steal those, and my mum also knows what I do.

I will talk about anything and everything to anyone really. To the point that when I'm being introduced to other people I generally have a warning label attached.

Yeh it must be cool to have a close group of friends that you can talk and share your experiences with.

Everyone has a freaky side, there shouldn't be any shame in it but unfortunately thats just not the case is it?

Woman seem to be a lot more open than men are. I would be really surprised if there's any men among this community that can openly talk to friends about kinky stuff they do with their partner.

I know the OH doesn't talk about what we do with his mates. He says that's for us and nobody else. He's a very private person though. He'd stroke out if he looked a little closer at the things I post on here. I suppose his mates would stroke out of the knew what goes on in our private life too :)

I have one friend I can talk to somewhat but I careful what I divulge

I have a scope I guess. The friends who i tell absolutely nothing to, those who I can talk about sex with in broad terms, ones who I can tell small details and one friend who I can tell whatever the heck I like! And they're very similar in how they approach talking about sex to me too!

I'm so glad I discovered lovehoney, coming on here and taking to people about sex and sharing experiences. No one judges, everyone is just happy horny sex lovers :) I really need to find some open minded people in the real world :L

I have one friend I can talk to about anything and everything, we compare and recommend sex toys etc, there's nothing we'd hide from each other.

I also have a couple friends who ask advice on toys and how to introduce certains things to their relationship which I think is pretty cool that they know they can ask me for that kind of advice and not be embarressed about it.

I have other friends I would never talk about it in a million years to but that's just how it is.

My ex and I had a friend who we used to talk to about everything in this way - so much so that he had joined us for threesomes on many occasions. When we were with him, it was just a given that we were all open with each other and a threesome was normal.

Unfortunately he had some problems and disappeared and avoided contacting us, and our circle of friends.

My ex was the only other person who knew everything about me in this manner.

My day to day friends - no chance - they come across sooo vanilla (for want of a better term!)

Just Jenson wrote:

My day to day friends - no chance - they come across sooo vanilla (for want of a better term!)

I had a good laugh on a girly night in when chat turned to FSOG. They were all giggling and shocked and I laughed along, not wanting to reveal that it all seemed tame to me :)

OUCH! Thank you ;) wrote:

Just Jenson wrote:

My day to day friends - no chance - they come across sooo vanilla (for want of a better term!)

I had a good laugh on a girly night in when chat turned to FSOG. They were all giggling and shocked and I laughed along, not wanting to reveal that it all seemed tame to me :)

I know the feeling.

My uni mates have this big banter about getting naked etc when drunk - but it never actually happens (bar once after a wedding with a home made outodoor hot tub) Little do they know I am a naturist and and quite happy to hang out naked with others (in the right environment of course)

It crossed my mind once that they know hence all the naked banter in an attmept to get me to admit it all!

haha your like a sex superhero in disguise ;)

I talk very openly about my sex life to both my family and friends (some friends more than others though).
I really like being able to talk openly, especially with my parents.

I guess I am going to sound like a rather old and conservative lady right now - I am not absolutely certain it is very wise to share your innermost sexual dreams and details about your sex life with most people you meet on a daily basis (and/or with the vast majority of your friends and acquaintances) - when emotions run high or when someone splits up with their partner, people sometimes tend to try to "seek help and comfort" (of a sexual nature) from their friends who they have been talking with so openly about all things sexual; and boundaries of privacy (which seemed to be fairly unimportant when everything was just a friendly talk between people who were fairly happy in their own relationships) can get crossed and lots of hard feelings and troubles can ensue.

I am not saying that I am perfectly happy with the fact most people simply consider me a dull, never-been-kissed moron (well, I am one, but anyway...) who doesn't have any ideas about anything even remotely sexual (I hope that is not the case) but I still think it is often wiser to stick to the more "general" sex-related stuff when talking to most people.

I think that a forum like this one is ideal when you want to talk openly about sexual issues or various dreams or preferences - members are not likely to lie (they don't have to "prove" anything to anyone here, nor they have to pretend to be "cool" or anything of the sort), and they cannot make any actual advances to you or your OH (that is, they cannot endanger your actual relationship - given the nature of this site, no regular member would be likely to even try anything of the sort), yet they can help you out with a friendly advice. Much, much better than sharing details with any of your "real life" mates who can, having drunk too much or having recently split up from his ex, start hitting on your girlfriend because he knows she is into pegging...

The wife has talked to several her friends and some mutual friends that we like things more on the kinky side and that she dresses up often for our sex play. We don't talke much about strapon play though, although I have no qualms about discussing it.

We do. Our sex life is a big joke to our close friends. They are all quite vanilla so it makes them laugh when I being out out new toys or tell them about our latest adventure. My hubby isn't as open as me , he will chat to my friends about it but not his own