Tan lines?

So they’re a bit like marmite, love them or hate them. For me they are a real turn on! How would you vote?


Agree, massive turn on

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Yeh I’m with you, love them

I freaking love tan lines! Very hot


Find them incredibly sexy!

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Agree massive turn on, love looking at a beautiful tan body, with tan lines hinting of the level of modesty of the tanee

I never really liked them before, the unevenness annoys my head but I had them on my arms from the summer. I have tattoos on my arms so its less noticeable but my tan is mostly gone now.
I love them on my sexual partner, but he is so damn sexy that my brain sees the lighter areas as untouched and it makes me want to lick those areas :smiling_imp:

I’m misunderstanding something. I see my wife naked, and I’m meant to be more or less turned on if she has tan lines or not?

Do you realise she’s as hot as can be in my head, whichever way she comes???

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They are. Very much so. Especially on my wife. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Or them missing is quite the turn on. On my wife… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Agree yep!

A thong tan line on a woman is so sexy.

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A massive turn on. The smaller the better.

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I don’t usually mind either way on other people. I however, can’t tan, I’m super pale and just burn :rofl: so I don’t actually have any kind of tan lines at all

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I like them both on myself and the look of them on ladies!

I have always liked them . For years I said the lite areas need the most attension or are areas to lick :drooling_face: . If you check out my photos I started out with a bit larger un tanned areas and gradually reduced to wearing only my tanning pouch . Then this year I thought just my cock and balls being un tanned did not look good , so the last few months I have been nude tanning . Last time I went to nudist camp I was the only one with tan lines which exaggerated my completely hair free privates . I have been getting tanned for about 50 plus years and suggest to people to start with short exposure and very gradually work their way up . For some reason as I started tanning my cock I was a bit extra careful . It is a shame I can not show you a no tan line photo .

Also agree! Love a tan line depending on where it is

I hate tan lines (on myself!) I do get that holiday tan lines of a skimpy bikini can be very sexy but on me working outside all Summer in jeans and most often a t-shirt the brown arms and face and then straight white cut off line or neck line still look ridiculous when I get an actual night out and try and pair it with a pretty dress. Even if I’ve been in a strappy top to try and abate the farmer’s tan it never fits with what I want to wear out. When I used to work with horses we used to wear bikini tops in Summer but that wouldn’t be appropriate now and I’ve always just had white legs whatever so I think the sexy sun kissed look is out :rofl:.

I’m neither for or against tan lines … Being in chilly Scotland I only have them on my ankles :joy:

There’re sexy af, but I find no tan lines sexy too so i like either way

A thong tan line is so hot :hot_face:

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