Tantric Sex

Morning All,

Long time no chat, I've been a busy bunny so not much forum surfing time has been available. But hope everyone is keeping well :)

Just wondering if anyone here actively practices tantric sex or has done in the past and can point in the direction of some good information about it?

Google searches aren't really providing the sort of information that is of much help. So any advice is welcomed x

What has Hindu and Buddhist writings about religious teaching got to do with sex ?

Most of the information I've found is from workshops. But if you're not comfortable with attending them, you may want to check-out uban tantra, also bondassage kind uses some tantric methods mixed with BDSM.

But there aren't many modern books or resources, sadly.

I seen a documentary about it once or maybe it was just in a documentary about sex, no idea :P But it was basically just hours of sex... only it wasn't really sex so much as making love, the idea seemed to be to focus on bonding with your partner, relaxing and just enjoying each other. Though the couple in the documentary seemed awfully focused on the female orgasm while noting that a male orgasm was a bad thing, due to the fact it would end or almost end the sex, which to me sounded more like chastity than anything else.

I like the idea of it, never had the chance to try it yet because trying to explain it to someone just gets confusing. I think however the main focus of it is to bring people closer together as opposed to normal sex which is just well, sex :P

what is it exactly ?

Many years back we used to enjoy a session of tantric. I would sit on the floor with my soles of my feet touching and drawn up she would then sit on my feet facing me with her feet at the back of me. Our organs were then inline and we could carress each other, the carresses brought on an erection and as we were almost touching down there entry was easy and natural and automatic. We would kiss and alternate breathing whilst kissing, breathing through each other. She could then use her PC muscle to slowly milk my penis, this would be over a long period of time, probably around an hour, and trying to use all your sences. Plenty of eye contact, touching, breathing, long kisses, whispering.

That brought back memories. Thanks. x

Enjoy. x

Ohh like meditation but sexual ?

Thank you for all the replies everyone, seems I have probably discovered all the resources that I am likely too. 

My understanding is limited, I am currently doing research as it's something a guy I am involved with is very interested in us exploring together.

But for the most part it seems to be focused on slowing things down, learning to focus on each other during sex, it often leads to deeper and more prolonged orgams. instead of orgasms being the end goal, the whole process is the main events so to speak.

There is a lot of spiritual/religious teachings inter woven with it too, but I think from what I've read it is possible to use some of the physical practices to enhance sex without necessarily following the spirtiutal teachings.

But as I say, I am learnng and researching, so I'm sure someone may correct me on all of this.


Hi LadyS. I like this site have used many of the tecniques. Well written and very helpfull.

I did start an unsuccessful thread about this a little while ago, (one of many ha ha, I must have a bad writing style ;-) ) but I did wonder if anyone had ever been on a Tantric workshop?