Tantus P-spot and LH Large plug - silicone smell?


I have a Tantus P-spot and a LH large butt plug that I store in separate bags in my toy box.

I've just thrown a bunch of rubber/PVC toys out, I starting having nasty reactions to them, meaning I'm allergic maybe... bugger.

Now that those toys are gone, my toy box stinks like a very new car. I'd noticed it before, but wasn't too bothered. Now though... man, really strong and bad plastic smell. It's permeated all the cotton and satin bags. Might wash them, might bin them, whatever.

More worryingly is that the strong plastic smell is "on" the two silicon plugs, don't remember them smelling of anything from new.

Question is: should either of these two plugs have a strong plastic smell, up close? I know, sniffing toys sounds weird, but I'm wondering if the very strong rubber/PVC chemical smell has tainted the silicon. Wonder if boiling them might help.

If anyone has either these and can give them a sniff, I'd appreciate it. My'n both have a heavy plastic smell now, some chemical layer or whatever that I maybe, could be, might flipping react to.


Hi, I have lots of products by Tantus and not one of them has a smell. I'm not sure about the plug as I don't have it, but if you can't remember it smelling of anything as new, then it's probable that the toys stored close by have caused the smell.

I'd suggest washing the storage bags or possibly replacing them, as well as washing your toys well, maybe with a 10% bleach solution if regular cleaner doesn't work.

I have a Tantus Silk it has no smell. When storing toys together in LH bags I double up glass with silicone, ceramic with silicone etc, so nothing smashy could chink together, and no tacky silicone will touch.

Thanks for the replies.

Right, figured it might be that they're both tainted. Rats!

Will wash and boil, see if that helps as a last try.

Otherwise... gulp ...will say goodnight to them and roll on the next lovely LH voucher.

If you purchased either of them in the last 365 days, you may be able to get an exchange/replacement. :)

Don't worry, silicone absorbs smell easily, but it also loses it (just verified with a butt plug - yes, that smell.)

First of all, your box isn't made from smelly plastic, is it? (If it is, use another one). Secondly, wash all the bags. Thirdly, wash the silicone toys - you might want to try some of Dangerouslily's tips on getting rid of the smell on silicone anal toys (I believe vinegar was mentioned).

If that's not enough yet, just leave them to air out. I. e. do not put them back into their bags into the box, but leave them out as open-air as possible in your living conditions (hanging them up in the garden would be best ;) ). In a few days/weeks/months the problem should have resolved itself.

also what kind of lube have you been using with the toys? if it was a silicone based one it can melt silicone toys.

If you have a dishwasher put them through it, but not when your mums round to hep you empty it!

Thanks for the further replies!

I've been going thru a series of clean, boil, air off for a while <repeat> on both silicone toys.

Might be imagining it but the smell is slowly going, which is great. Plus no surface or shape issues from the boiling, which was probably to be expected with the Tantus and great for the LH plug. Still prayed with both, I've never boiled a toy before (seems the Tantus can even go in the oven if need be, blimey).

Really good to know this process seems to work, thanks for giving me the confidence to go for it.

On some of the other points the much appreciated replies mentioned:

- Only ever use water based lube

- Box is plastic but not smelly. The smell inside a similar box with clothes in is tiny by comparison

- Chucked most of the bags, smell was that awful (to me), didn't even bother trying to wash them

- Dishwasher... Erm... no :) The SAS style op needed for me to use the oven to boil is one thing, using the D would need 2 years planning and a COBRA style oversight committee. Shame, as it would probably really help, but thems the breaks. Sigh... "Thats a very strange cup in the washer, Ady!?" Ha.

I reckon much of the smell that got into/on everything was from one PVC based toy, which totally 100% stank of chemicals/rubber. If I wrote a review on it, the smell would be a main focus (that and it being a massive anal toy that I just didn't click with at all).

Will see how the cleaning cycle goes. It's a kind of interesting experiment, if nothing else.

Also never put in a sealed container needs air

Sometimes silicon picks up smells from other things around it. One trick is to let the toy soak up in a mix of 1 part of white vinegar and 3 parts of water for thirty, sixty minutes if the smell is really persistent. Once that's done, just wash the toy with some warm water and bland soap and you should be fine.