Temperature and texture?

Anybody else get off on heat or cold? New textures on you skin?

I was preparing the soil in the garden for spring today. Nice and warm and sunny outside. I gave in to a sudden urge just to lay on the ground and roll in the crumbly, fresh-turned soil. It felt so warm and good and I just wanted my body coated in it…a feeling common in spring and summer.

I love heat, and being penetrated by something warm feels really good. I get crazy over silky sheets on my skin, but also rough things like sand and warm concrete. Odd?


I love to lie naked on a soft sandy beach feeling the sun warm my body, and plunge into the cool sea to chill. Then repeat.

Not odd! Although with soil that part in my brain that thinks unhelpful thoughts at unhelpful times would be like “you’re laying on a worm and he had a family” or just ponder the existence of the billions of microorganisms present in soil and get the heebeegeebees. :sweat_smile:

I am very picky on sensations and have some big no nos but I do love the feel of burying and massaging my feet in the sand after a long day, I liked jumping in to the cold ocean after hot and sweaty sex. I would probably like silk sheets but I haven’t ever experienced that yet!

Not odd at all!

I have sensory issues, so some textures are a huge nope from me, but then there’s others that I could just lay down in and not move for hours on end :joy:

Silky sheets underneath me? Yes. Silky sheets over me? No. But I could remain wrapped in a super soft fuzzy blanket forever :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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1st part of this made me chuckle as I was thinking the exact same :joy:

:joy: Do you just like been dirty…

It’s -36 here in Canada and we won’t be playing in dirt for months! Love textures and temps!

Great post @awkward-yet-sweet !

i love when he lays on top of me after sex fully naked rubbing his back and kissing his neck. usually because i can’t move anyway as he ruins me every time my first and only cock i’ve had and it’s 9 inches lol destroys me every time