Tenga 3D and lube?

Hey, what's your favourite Tenga 3D Masturbator? and can they be used with silicone lube, such as Gun Oil?


I got my boyfriend a Tenga 3D spiral and he tried it once and said he didn't like it -_- this is after loving the Tenga egg so I thought I would treat him, oh well! Maybe one day I'll get him to give it another go.

But I'm pretty sure you can only use water based lube.

I have the Spiral and posted a review on the product page.

I dont think you are supposed to use silicone lube with this toy, but it also says in the manual that the toy will only last 30-50 uses.

I can say that it has many more uses than 50, but the closed end does feel subject to easy damage if over stretched.

Tenga supply a sample of lube with the toy and its definitely water based and thats what i have continued to use.

Depending on how desperate you are to use silicone based lube, its probably best to dab a tiny amount on a small area of the non-textured side (outside when in use), to test if it shows signs of becoming sticky.

Hope that helps a little.

Thanks, I was looking at the Spiral as my first choice and would you recommend it? and I was mearly curious about the lube

Well i like it.

I had one of the tracy cox's and one of the Vulcan line.

Both do very little for me for different reasons.

The Spiral feels good and the material is top quality, but i think all the models in that line are going to be good.

Ok thanks, the polygon one and the cube one don't appeal to me, they look slightly painful haha

My boyfriend has the Spiral, and we only use water based lubes with it. (Ride water based lube and Sliquid Sea have been our go-to lubes)