Tenga flip hole and lovehany force o 2 questions

Hi all I'm new here and I'm happy I found this community. I want to buy the Tenga flip hole and I was wondering how much time it needs to get dry, assuming it will be near window? I had a fleshlight before and cleaning it and wait for it to dry was a pain. I read a lot good stuff on Tenga flip products. I'm considering also the Lovehoney O force 2. I read it is for the head of the penis. I'm not sure if it will be enough for me for cumming. I never used such masturbator before. Be glad to get some thoughts about it. Thx!

Hi fabulous I have not usê one of those 2 before, but I did take a look at it , I think the tenga hole 2 would work good , you can see the way it opens its gonna be easier toe clean then a fleshlight and the other looks like a little harder to clean, I would say maybe try the tenga it looks better and looks like you gonna enjoy it better and the cleaning looks quick and easy All of the luck

Thx for answering. I'll stick with thhe Tenga.

I wouldn't leave it in direct sun light, if you have a good clean towel, you will be ok to gentley pat it with the towel, assuming you are talking about the Tenga, then you could put it away still open, to let it finish drying; and go back and close it latter.

Also with a tenga you don't need to use refresher powder to stop it being sticky. I will say with the tenga, be careful sliding the other piece onto it, if you miss align the groves, you can rip them off, making the whole thing not stay properly shut in use.

Thank you for the answer. Do you habe any thoughts about the quickshot bost by Fleshlight?

Finally decided to go with the fleashlight quickshot. The reviews are good and the price is 25£ so I have left with some money to spend on other products I wanted. I only had regular fleshlight until now so I'm really excited for the new stuff. . I got also the lovehoney basic masturbator, 2 lubs cock ring (which is the first time I'm having so no clue how it's going to feel like, and prostate message which I hope will help me to find my P spot. I couldn't find it with two other products I had.