Tenga Flip Hole suitable for 'Larger men'?

I'm seriously thinking about getting a Tenga Flip hole for my other half whilst its on offer.

Thing is he's on the larger size (length and girth) and i'm wondering if it would be too small for him.

Anyone one out there with one ever find a problem with it being too small?

Thanks for any help!

My OH has one and he has no problems with the size, he has lots of strokers yet the Tenga is his favourite.

don't know about the tenga, but fleshlights are HUGE!

I could be talking crap, but I think the black one is bigger than the white one. I'm about average and have a white one which is just about the right size. So I'd probably go for a black one.

But yes as toycar says, fleshlights you'll have no trouble with!

I think I read a review where one person complained about the opening being too restrictive and that he had to cut it down and file it to size... So that may be an issue for you too. It's not a common problem but it may be beneficial to ask Lh's Customer Service about the size of the opening so you can compare with your partner's girth?

the black version was actually made to be the tighter of the two.

Pixieking wrote:

the black version was actually made to be the tighter of the two.

Oh! Hmm, I'm not so sure then for the larger man. Perhaps fleshlight might be better.

toycar69 wrote:

don't know about the tenga, but fleshlights are HUGE!

Well, they are, but I found the texture a bit strange. The internal stimulating pattern was pretty much lost when stretched out that much - it just gets pushed into the jelly-like wall. And the sleeve itself wasn't firm enough to give a feeling of resistance - it just kept on giving as it was stretched.

Now a lot of this will be down to personal taste, but I thought the Fleshlight was not really ideal for a larger man, even though it could happily accommodate one!

Still fun, though.


Thanks guys - I've ordered one so we shall see if he gets on with it!

I don't think I'm that big but I've been told otherwise (I think I'm upper average more realistically), and I have no problems with the Tenga. It's not that long, so long guys may not be able to entirely sink themselves into it, but the head is the most sensitive etc anyway. Super thick guys may have trouble closing the Flip Hole once they're inside it but you don't have to use the toy in the locked closed way, although I imagine it's easier to use if you do. Let us know how you get on so anyone else with size worries can have them put to rest/confirmed.

The Tenga onacups are available in a 'US' version which are larger as they're designed for the export market.

Well he's used it a couple of times and he reports are "OMG" so i guess thats good

My only commenTs to other guys would be - be gentle when 1st using it and see how you go but they do have a surprising amount of give!