Tester length...

Hi all.
I've got a very exciting product to review but as it's brand new to the market I feel like I'm writing reams and there's still loads I want to add to it plus I want to get my Mr's input too.
I'm sure I read somewhere that LH likes around 300 -500words but I'm certain this wouldn't do the product justice.
I don't want my reviews to seem like a blog post but I also don't want to miss anything out!!
Sooooo my question is, how long a tester do you enjoy reading? If they're lengthy do you get bored and skim? Is product info/back information something you're interested in?

Thank you in advance GnJ x

Just add whatever you think is relevant and would be helpful to someone considering purchasing the item. As long as you're not repeating yourself, write away! There's no maximum word limit :)

A few paragraphs is always better than a few sentences. I think it's ok for it to be a long review as long as you stay on topic, be very descriptive and add personal but relatable experiences with the item. (Nothing graphic just how the textures felt, quality, durance etc). Especially if its exciting it'll have people awaiting on the review so it's nice to give people a lot to read about the product.

I like the first review of the product (often the tester review) to be detailed since there aren't any other reviews yet :)

Write what you think is relevant and maybe write under different sub-headings so people can find the information they want to know about the product and not read a really long review if they don't want to

Thanks for the advice ladies 😊 I've written quite a lot of reviews before but this one has me worried for some reason 😔

This product was on the tester list once upon a time and you can see that the review goes well over 1000 words because it's warranted


So long as you aren't repeating yourself and are adding new information then don't worry about length. :)