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Have been wanting to gift my partner the water pump for a while. Just haven’t really had the cash. Lots of home related expenses lately. It would be fantastic if he could test it. Also, the grinding, thrusting toy looks fun and different to try!

Ah calexotics do such fun innovative toys! One of my favourites from them is still a weird curved toy that vibrates when you squeeze, so odd I love it. This Dual Rider looks similarly off-kilter, I’m looking forwards to seeing whether it’s a hit!

Dual Rider Thrusting and Grinding Pleasure Vibrator looks absolutely amazing and i would have no problem with the time frame!

would love to try the thongs and Dual Rider Thrusting and Grinding Pleasure Vibrator!

Hi Brenna
Would particularly love to try the Dual Rider Thrusting and Grinding Pleasure Vibrator.
:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

The Dual Rider looks amazing, haven’t noticed it on the site before- it’s now on the wishlist!

Husband has tried the Basic pump before but wasn’t impressed with the fit/ suction so would be interesting to see how either of the pumps compare to.the lower price range.

Omg this dual rider looks amazing!

Would love to try out these items.

We want that rider, looks really interesting.

I never used a pump! i would love to try it out

Well these could be fun to try out!

That dual rider looks dreamy :melting_face:! Would love to review that

Hey @Lovehoney_Brenna
I’d be really pleased to try out and review the Bathmate Hydromax8. By serendipity, I’d been considering trying out a Bathmate pump for a while, and it looks like a great fit.

Voted - the dual rider looks like it would go a long way to compensate for the wife’s reluctance to peg haha.

The max boost pump and bathmate could be very interesting to give a little extra to mrs


I’ve always been intrigued by the penis pumps, I know there’s a sort of diary post here somewhere

Happy to try them all as have used some other brands and would love to compare.

Would love a pump been Intrested for a while to see if they work :blush:

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