Text from Lovehoney (is it legit or a scam?)

I’ve just received this text from the mobile number +44 7401 182 069

Hey, thanks again for signing up to Lovehoney texts! Don’t forget to claim your 20% welcome promo using SEXYTEXTS20 at basket. bit.ly/DELETED IN CASE ITS A SCAM


Has anyone else received this text? Does anyone know if it is legit or a scam? I’m just a bit suspicious of the number and the weblinks!

Seems legit. :+1: Did you sign up for texts when they sent the email out a while back?


I just this minute received one of those too! I’d forgotten that I’d signed up to text alerts :thinking:

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I did sign up for texts, feel a bit stupid now haha but was a bit cautious of the two web links!

It’s better to be safe. And there’s no need to clink the links to access the offer, so avoiding them is smart if you’re suspicious. :+1:


Is there any way of signing up for the texts? I placed an order earlier and this would’ve been helpful

I have received an e mail regarding discounts as a VIP customer. I have not enrolled for SMS messages but have for e mails. I always find it better not to click on links.

Yep think it’s legit too as I had an email the other day about signing up to lovehoney texts so can get in time updates on orders and special offers


I received the same text and also signed up to text alerts recently :blush:

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Phew haha I feel embarrassed for overreacting haha! :joy:

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