Thank you lovehoney

I can't believe the difference this site has made to our love life! We'd always had amazing vanilla sex but the OH was a bit nervous about toys, but he's opened up so much. He's even started asking for new stuff and last night he tied me down and blindfolded me and chose toys himself and was in total control, I love seeing him like that. Then he asked if I'd tie him down tonight :D he's even open to trying a but plug, he's so much more confident.

Sex was never bad, quite the opposite but now every night is different, so thanks :)

I think Lovehoney has changed a lot of people sex lives for the better! keep up the good work Lovehoney x

Changed mine :) thank you lovehoney from me and my parter! =D

Similar experience here. My OH was super shy and was always intimidated by toys but thanks to love honey he's really starting to be more confident and enjoys experimenting far more. Just bought some cuffs and a blindfold for his birthday to see his reaction ;3 It will be nice to see him confident and take control