thanks you beautifuls in the LH forum

Just a brief one to thank this community. The love that I & many other LH forum members have received on this fantabulous site has opened my eyes completely. I never imagined that I'd receive such great advice, affection and so so so much more.
I'm not good with words but I really do want to thank you all for being such kind and understanding people. I never imagined that this would be such a wonderful place. I'm so glad I joined and am eternally grateful for the kindness you've all shown me. I hope I can repay my gratitude somehow xxxx

slinky binky your words are beautiful just like you are! Please chat to me anytime, trust me I've been at the worst point with this sort of thing! talk talk and more talk please... sending love and hugs xx

Sending lots of hugs, there is no gratitude to repay, just carry on being the lovely person you are xx

Thanks so much you lovelies, you've put a smile on my dial :-) I love this forum so much, there's so many amazing people on here that make my day πŸ’ you're beautiful and don't you ever forget it πŸ’•

Your beautiful and lovely and I always love our chats...much love huni xxx

Aww mummy mermaid your one of my best pals here, I really appreciate your help, support and kind words. I hope you know how special you are chic <3xxxx

This is a great community and we are all here to help each other😘 hugs x