The 1 sex item/toy reset

Pretend scenario (Hopefully!):
All of your sex toys/items/clothing from LH has been taken… your ‘sex toy insurance company’ will only allow you to replace one item…

What is the one item from LH you are getting?

Me personally:

Amazing wand, our go too and most used by far! Good for her… and me!

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Will have to be the wand too… Wife loves it

It has to be the mains powered wand - both of us love it too much to part ways

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Gotta be the we-vibe melt for me! Easy intense orgasms and I don’t get numb from it like i do with wands because it doesn’t vibrate


This would be the from Mrs. Bonzo.
I probably won’t get a look in.

To be honest, I still haven’t found my Holy Grail.

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My tango lipstick bullet vibrator from wevibe would be my choice but again like I mentioned on another similar post, I’d just end up finding other things around the house to enjoy like my massage gun haha :joy:

It would definitely be the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Blow Job Masturbator - Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Blow Job Masturbator - Lovehoney UK - always get the most amazing orgasms, whether solo or with my partner

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I’d probably cheat and get a BIG KIT like this:

but if I can’t cheat and get a big kit then maybe something like: .
An under the bed restraint set similar to this was one of the first sex toys we ever got (and so lots of good memories/nostalgia), and one like this has the clips on the cuffs themselves, so you can use it as restraints even if you aren’t tied to the bed.

I think I’d defer to my wife in our selection of the 2 that we get as a couple (Right? One each?). The first would have to be either her Womanizer Pro40 or We-Vibe Melt. All things being equal, the Pro40 is her preferred toy - but the melt is much better/more convenient for use together.

Second choice would be a realistic 6" silicone dildo. Goes great with the Womanizer, during oral, and DP play.

I don’t know if this would count everything else I could replace in time it would be annoying but I could wait. My other option would be my mon ami rose, I love that thing so much.

Mine would be the face sitting chair or my sex swing

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If I was being selfless and it was about pleasuring both of us then I’d pick my favourite wand… but I’ve had a very long week so far and it’s looking like it will be another late one tomorrow so I’m being selfish and it is 100% my We-Vibe Melt, same as @Janeylovestoys . By far, my most used solo toy and definitely my top suction toy and I love it, so yeh that one.


It would have to be the strap on


For us its got to be the LH mains-powered wand… incredible


It difficult to choose but I would probably go with my lovense lush

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This would be my pick (em)

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I think we can allow the large kit!

The under bed restraint is a massive winner though, a multi use tool!

Personally this is my current favourite, and has been since I got it almost a year ago

Can’t speak for my OH, he doesn’t use too much on himself, he puts more of his focus on me as that’s enough for him :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

yes! large kits allowed! now just to find comically large sex toy kits!

oh exactly on your under the bed restraints comment! What has recently been eye opening for me is how a bed can be used in different ways with under the bed restraints.

like there’s the obvious “on all fours” and “on your back”
but then if you restrain the wrists ‘sideways’ (one hand using a restraint at the top of the bed and one hand using a bottom of the bed restraint) but leave the legs free, then suddenly it becomes a spanking bench

We digress a touch, but. If you’ve got the money for it, I recommend the liberator wedge set. Expensive but paired with the under bed restraints… a good combo!

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