The 5 Love Languages

Has anyone else read “The 5 Love Languages?” I see so many requests for help regarding a lack of physical/emotional intimacy between partners and the advice always boils down to “communication”. I don't think a self-help book can fix everything, but it could be an insightful read for people who are missing something, especially if one partner needs more “physical touch” than the other person. It was originally designed as marriage guidance counselling for Christian couples, but you don't need to be married or Christian to use it. (I am neither.)

Sorry if this has already been talked about on another thread.

Haven't read it but have just checked out the website and completed the questionnaire, going to get hubby to do it when he gets home later. Thanks for sharing it's very interesting 😀

Haven't read it but sounds very interesting!

Luscious Libby wrote:

Thanks for sharing it's very interesting 😀

You're welcome. What did your test result come up as? I'm very high for Quality Time and Physical Touch is second. Luckily for me all my partners have scored high for Physical Touch, but the Quality Time always seems to be a problem.

Mine was quality time first followed by acts of service, physical touch was last which I was surprised by. Hubby's came back with quality time top too, which I was really surprised by as I would have guessed physical touch would be top for him! Although I think we have different ideas on what constitutes quality time lol!

Ha! You're still quite lucky to be so similar. :)

This is a pretty cool online quiz. I got Act of Service as the main, which actually does sum me up pretty well.

If someone is going to take the time out of their life to do something for you, then they are worth it in my opinion

Just Jenson - My ex was Acts of Service. I knew it from our first date. The nicest thing he ever did for me was taking care of me when I was sick. :)

For me, I like Acts of Service and its something I like to see in others towards me, and naturally I woul reciprocate the same.

But if I had a partner who was for example more into physical touch, the of course this is something I would have to embrace more (no complaints there of course!) even though it may be going out of my character

I think you have to be able to adjust in any relationship, and you have to try to appreciate when the other person is showing affection, even if it's not in the way your prefer. I'm definitely better at doing that, but I think I still need Quality Time and attention to really feel cared for.

I think above all else, communication is key. Although it wouldn't surprise me at all if most people aren't aware of what their partners appreciate the most and further to that, most people probably don't know about themselves either to communicate.

So I had a go and had 7 on everything except one. Seriously? Do I not have a love language???

I did it. Scored 9 for Acts of Service, 7 for Quality time and 6 for Personal Touch.

Reckon my OH will score highly on Personal Touch and Quality Time...

I scored 11 for words of affirmation, 9 for quality time and 7 physical touch. Makes sense to me as I'm massive on communication as it makes me feel more secure.
Thanks for bringing this to everyones attention Caliente 😊