The Cone

Im really interested in purchasing this, but as LoveHoney doesn't seem to sell this, is there a reputable website (like LoveHoney) that does?

Thanks! x

They used to certainly - I'd email Lovehoney and ask them when it's coming back into stock.

Ok, thanks for advice! :)

I had also wondered about this, would consider buying one if lovehoney had them so let me know how you get on!

Will do Frisky, have already emailed Lovehoney and i'm now waiting for their response.

Unfortuately Lovehoney will not be stocking up with this item!

"Hi ********, Thank you for contacting LoveHoney!

Unfortunately The Cone was discontinued from our website and we do not currently have any plans to reintroduce this item. Please accept our apologies for this.

Thank you again for contacting LoveHoney
LoveHoney Customer Care Team"

I got mine from as I won vouchers for the site. It arrived very quickly, well packaged etc. I'm just not very impressed with it really, I think it's expensive and I'm bored with it already. My review is here if you're interested.

I know loads of people absolutely love it, I guess I'm in the minority!

If Lovehoney no longer stock it there's probably a good reason. Like quality issues or some such. Any Lovehoney staff here that can comment?
Yoohoo! Prof? ...

We had an issue with the suppliers, BBG. Certainly nothing to do with the quality of the product...

Why don't you just head down to Anne Summers? Save the shipping cost

These guys do it £15 cheaper than Ann Summers

We bought this cone thingy, and were singularly unimpressed with it. One of it's supposed advantages was that it was so quiet, and one of the reccommended positions was to put it on the floor and sit on it.

This Mrs.Naughty duly did on the bedroom floor; immediately the vibrations resonated through the floorboards and around the house sounding like someone was using an orbital sander set to max. Needless to say the cone was switched off PDQ, followed nano-seconds later by the kids knocking on the bedroom door wondering what on earth we were doing in there with a power tool!!!

Yep, I'm with Mr and Mrs N. The makers suggest putting the Cone against a wall. Not in a terrace matey! My wall nearly came down, although it did quiet the noisy kids next door but I think that's because they thought I'd finally had enough of their mind-numbing music and thought I was drilling through the wall to punish them. I just don't get this Cone thing.

I got mine in Ann summers due to 'needing' it that day. I actually really like mine and use it a lot, but I've always masturbated by rubbing on something so it suits my usual style.

The makers have retailers on their site

I think it's a good couples toy as well as solo, but it is pricey so you need to take that into account.

Have always been curious about this one but its a bit pricey for me.... sounds like you get some good vibrations from it though