The earth moved - my first prostate orgasm.

Hi folks,

After several months of trying I finally achieved my first prostate orgasm and what an experience!. I've tried various prostate massagers but lately I've reverted back to my first, the Aneros MGX. Last Saturday I had a few hours to myself as the OH was out and decided to try again. After two hours with the usual sensations and much leaking of pre-cum I was on the verge of giving up when all of a sudden it hit me. I was shaking and writhing about on the bed and the sensation lasted a good 15 minutes before passing. Of course now I want more, will be trying for another one tomorrow :).



congratulations! good isn't it!

Thanks, it's more than good ! :)

Congrats Mad4Sex!

Hope you get many more to 'cum'

MM xx

Congrats dude! Awesome stuff eh?!

Wow, that sounds fantastic. I'd love to give something like that a go, but I wouldn't have that amount of time alone to dedicate to it. Well done!

15mins! Bloody 'ell... Might have to get me one of those!


Congratulations Mad4Sex - it feels slightly odd congratulating a person on their orgasmic ability but it definitely deserves congrats :)


Good for you!!! :)


Thanks folks,

Good job that I persevered. I've come close several times but last time was different, what a fantastic feeling, never experienced anytyhing like it. I guess that I know how my OH feels when she orgasms. I'm hooked now, hope I can get another one.

Cheers all

Wow sounds good. I am so jealous!

Must try harder. Or relax more... dammimt why it it so illusive and tricky!

Kepp trying mate, it's not easy IMO. I've tried various things and have found that the position that Aneros mention onone's side with one knee raised doen't work for me. I've found that laying on my back is better but this prevents the handle thingy at the back moving when one contracts the anal sphincter so I have two pillows under my bum/lower back and that is better. I've also practiced exercising my PC and anal sphincter muscles several times a day, the beauty of which is that you can do it anywhere, standing up, sitting down, in publice etc. I've found that I can get very pleasurable sensations just doing this although I need the massager. There's no magic formula and it's all trial and erro and plenty of patience IMO.

Good luck mate, you'll get there!.


My OH loves her ~Jessica Rabit G-Spot 2 vibe that I got her last Christmas. She doesn't use it hereself , instead, I use it on her. She loves it when I find her G-Spot as well as her clit. I usually go down on her first to get things "warmed up" and then switch to the rabbit and, lastly, we make love, this can take a couple of hours. I love her ability to have multiple orgasms and love turning her on. That's why the appeal of the prostate massager so that I can get something lasting lonjger than the usual ejaculatory orgasm. I discovered that she loves power, never used any other setting that full-on with the rabbit and the trick to hitting her g-spot seems to be to keep the rabbit vertical, that is not to angle it too much onto her clit but to use the ears on her clit whilst the revolving ball things hit her g-spot and tip hit her g-spot.