The Great Pub Quiz Game Thread

Really enjoy these brain teasers
  1. Travel over seas
  2. Go up in smoke
  3. Three blind mice
  4. Leftovers
  5. Green fingers
  6. Too little, too late
  7. Middle C
  8. Pretty Please
  9. For instance
  10. Get it wrong before you get it right.

Bonus: Lost in space

Thank you @Peitho

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Is there a typo in number 9? Though ‘Four in Stace’ sounds fun :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oops - Yes… thank you! Changed. And now you’ve given me a better one for that… look out for:

SLPOASCTE next time!

Or maybe just a bonus for this time?

@FL45H feel free to edit in the bonus if you’d like?

Also, can’t get 10 to show quite how I want it so couple of possible answers there I think :thinking:.

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@Peitho Entry edited to reflect the bonus.

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My Answers to:
Rebus (VIII)
  1. Travel overseas
  2. Go up in smoke
  3. Three blind mice
  4. Back overs
  5. Green Fingers
  6. Small tutu late
  7. The key of middle C
  8. Fancy pants
  9. For instance
  10. Three line acrostic

Bonus: Lost in stace

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Did you not like the original no. 4 @Ian_Chimp so decided to reorder the rest?

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I have fixed it. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Final shout out to @SexInTheCity @VanillaWithSprinkles @Silkyhat @Cassii and @Sea . Anyone want a go at Rebus VIII before I pop the answers up?

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Have I won yet?

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Sorry I’m so late! Here goes…

Answers to Rebus VIII
  1. Travel across the 5 seas
  2. Go up in smoke
  3. Three blind mice
  4. Leftovers?
  5. Green fingers
  6. Too little too late
  7. Middle C?
  8. Pretty please?
  9. For instance
  10. Ticks in all the right boxes
  11. Lost in space

Thank you for these @Peitho, always love a Rebus!

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Answers to Rebus (VIII)

Question Puzzles Here

  1. Overseas Travel
  2. Go up in smoke
  3. Three blind mice (No eyes)
  4. Leftovers
  5. Green fingers
  6. Too little, too late
  7. Middle C
  8. Pretty Please
  9. For instance
  10. Ticks in all the Right Boxes

Bonus: Lost in Space - how apt on Star Wars Day! :joy:

@FL45H - 10/11 completely right and I think your answer to number 10 mostly fits except it wouldn’t have needed multiple lines so ½ for that one. I wanted to leave the first boxes blank but couldn’t get them to stay the right size! :woman_facepalming:t2: Total - 10½

@Ian_Chimp - 7/11 completely right give a T or a P… plus 1 bonus mark for noticing my mistake typing number 9 and another bonus mark for the “Fancy Pants” inspiration for the next quiz whenever that might be. Total - 9

@SexInTheCity - 10/11 completely right (Thank you for getting number 10 correct!) If I had put 7 C’s in number 1 you would definitely get that too as your answer would be better than what I was thinking of but the five Seas isn’t a thing I know and I’m marking harshly for an outright winner :rofl:. Total - 10

Thank you all very much for playing, very close but the trophy goes to… :drum::drum::drum: @FL45H




Congratulations @FL45H :slightly_smiling_face::clap:

And thanks again @Peitho
(you can have a banana :banana:)



Winner winner (insert meat or plant based alternative) dinner.

Thanks to @Peitho for ruining this one. Well done to everybody who entered.

Opening this reply as a wiki. Join in if you want…

Definitely a little pre bed booze all around! Cheers all.


Turning up fashionably late with some cocktails and cupcakes :cocktail::cupcake::tropical_drink::cupcake:



The Great Hump Day Quiz! 🐪

Welcome to this Wednesday’s Great Hump Day Quiz!

We’re always trying to add more people to our quiz gang, so check out how to hide your answers, pop them in a post, and I’ll add you to the Scoreboard. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Where do the questions come from?

I found a mysterious old box of trivial pursuit, with even more trivial pursuits stuffed inside. It is a treasure trove of quiz questions, and all of them really old. :slightly_smiling_face: Perfect fodder for a Hump Day special. :+1:

Piecing together a few bits and bobs, there were three sets, and a couple of the instructions. One is a Genus Edition, dated 2001, and the other the 20th Anniversary one, 2004. There’s also another old style board and questions in there that looks/smells quite a bit older. That’s the box they’re all stuffed in, and that has ©1983 printed on it. No instructions, so not sure if that’s accurate. That one says it’s a Master Game Genus Edition.

(Edit: Now with an added sprinkling of more recent questions too :+1::slightly_smiling_face:)

So, there you go. It’s a bit random, but it should add to the fun. :slightly_smiling_face:


💙 Geography
  1. Plans were announced in 2016 for the construction of a 50km bridge across the Red Sea between Egypt and which other country?

  2. What capital city overlooks the Tagus River?

  3. If you were in Slovakia and exclaimed Na zdravie!, what would you be doing - making a toast, shouting for help or hailing a taxi?

  4. What city was the first home to the Statue of Liberty?

  5. Which spice are people in Denmark doused with if they’re single on their 25th birthday?

  1. The film Ghost World, which features Scarlett Johnansson and Thora Birch as two outsider teens, is based on a graphic novel by whom?

  2. Which TV cowboy was pictured on Richie Cunningham’s lunch box in Happy Days?

  3. Which Academy-nominated actor made a 1999 cameo in Sex and the City as one of Carrie’s dates?

  4. How much were rooms to let, according to Roger Miller?

  5. Which Disney classic was the first movie ever released with stereophonic sound?

💛 History
  1. Dutch scientist Jaap Haartsen is credited as the inventor of which technology - 4G, Bluetooth or SMS?

  2. What was the claim to fame of Captain Edward J. Smith, who died on April 15, 1912?

  3. In which ancient South Asian language is the text of The Vedas written?

  4. What was the penknife originally designed for?

  5. What was called a “Chicago piano” by gangsters in the 1930s?

💩 Art & Literature
  1. Which of the following is not a Judy Blume book - Superfudge, Blubber or Ramona the Pest?

  2. Who wrote The Cherry Orchard?

  3. What does the hashtag #TBT stand for?

  4. What English word comes from the Old French covrefeu, meaning “cover fire”?

  5. Who is master of ceremonies at the Hunger Games?

💚 Science & Nature
  1. What’s the name of the region between Mars and Jupiter where large, irregularly shaped objects orbit the Sun?

  2. What part of the eye continues to grow throughput a person’s life?

  3. What is the term for the technology used in the apps Aurasma, Ingress and Pokémon Go?

  4. What organ contains the island of Langerhans?

  5. Which part of the skeletal structure of the human head is unique, and is not shared with any other species on Earth?

🧡 Sprot & Leisure
  1. In which British city would you have found the Don Valley Stadium, prior to its demolition in 2013?

  2. What Australian city hosted the 1956 Summer Olympics?

  3. What is a meerschaum?

  4. In which hobby might you have a particular interest in overprints, cylinder numbers or Machins?

  5. What would you do with a peplum - cook it, wear it or kick it?


Total :blue_heart: :heartpulse: :yellow_heart: :poop: :green_heart: :orange_heart:
@Peitho 17 4 2 4 1 3 3
@SexInTheCity 17 5 2 2 2 4 2
@FL45H 15 4 0 2 3 2 4
@WillC 14½ 3 2 3 1 2
@Ian_Chimp 12 3 2 2 1 2 2
The Answers
:blue_heart: Geography :heartpulse: Entertainment
1. Saudi Arabia 1. Daniel Clowes
2. Lisbon 2. The Lone Ranger
3. Making a toast 3. Bradley Cooper
4. Paris 4. Fifty cents
5. Cinnamon 5. Fantasia

:yellow_heart: History

:poop: Arts & Literature
1. Bluetooth 1. Ramona the Pest
2. He was captain of the Titanic 2. Anton Chekov
3. Sanskrit 3. Throwback Thursday
4. Sharpening quills 4. Curfew
5. The machine gun 5. Caesar (Flickerman)

:green_heart: Science & Nature

:orange_heart: Sprot & Leisure
1. Asteroid Belt 1. Sheffield
2. The lens 2. Melbourne
3. Augmented Reality 3. A pipe
4. The pancreas 4. Stamp collecting (philately)
5. The chin 5. Wear it
WillC Answers


1, Saidi Arabia?
2, Lisbon
3, No idea
4, Paris?
5, No idea


1, Daniel Clowes not sure of spelling.
2, Howdy Doody?
3, No idea
4, No idea
5, Fantasia?


1, Bluetooth?
2, Captain of The Titanic
3, Sanskrit?
4, Opening Letters?
5, Gun?

Art And Literature

1, Blubber?
2, Chekov?
3, Throwback Thursday
4, Curfew?
5, No Idea

Science and Nature

1, Van Allen Belt?
2, Iris
3, No idea
4, Pancreas
5, No idea

Sprot and Leisure

1, Sheffield!
2, Canberra?
3, No idea
4, No idea
5, Wear it?

Very hard this week, a LOT of guesses! :slight_smile:

Here goes nowt


  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. Lisbon
  3. Paris
  4. Cinnamon


  1. Chuck Connors


  1. Bluetooth
  2. Sharpening quils for writing


  1. Ramona the pest
  2. Throw back Thursday
  3. Curfew


  1. Asteroid Belt
  2. Augmented Reality
  3. Skin


  1. Sheffield
  2. Melbourne
  3. Stamp collecting
  4. Wear it
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A nice Sunny(ish) morning… a cold, wet, windy and miserable afternoon… a quick dinner and now a long hot bath to defrost and quiz - hooray!

My Answers:

💙 Geography
  1. Saudi Arabia is biggest country across the Red Sea from Egypt so probably that?
  2. I think (though could have the wrong river) that it runs through Spain and Portugal so 50/50… Lisbon?
  3. :woman_shrugging:t2: I’m going to assume “Help!” would be shorter… To someone with no knowledge of Slovak, it looks like, “No drive-y” which is kind of the opposite to hailing a taxi therefore I am guessing that it’s a toast :clinking_glasses:
  4. :thinking: It was a present from France… did they put it together in Paris first?
  5. Not a clue, cumin seeds seem mass throwable… though not very Danish but can’t think of anything better.
💗 Entertainment
  1. Stan Lee because he’s the only graphic novelist I can name. … I did originally read the question as Thora Hird - probably would have been a rather different film :joy: (though I’ve not seen it so maybe not?)
  2. The Loan Ranger?
  3. Have watched most of it but can’t think… George Clooney?
  4. I don’t have a clue what this question is about :woman_shrugging:t2:
  5. Fantasia?
💛 History
  1. Bluetooth was a Dutch invention so I’ll go for that.
  2. 1912… must be Captain of the Titanic (which I think I also guessed for another ill fated, albeit random German captain a few quizzes back :rofl:. Think this one stands a better chance though given the date and English sounding name!)
  3. Sanskrit?
  4. Cutting pens? (cutting feathers into quills I mean!)
  5. Organised “hit” named after dropping piano in cartoons?
💩 Art and Literature
  1. :woman_shrugging:t2: Total guess - Superfudge?
  2. I am certain I should know this… I don’t :see_no_evil:
  3. :woman_shrugging:t2: The Best Tales?
  4. Casserole?
  5. Caesar something
💚 Science and Nature
  1. The Main Asteroid Belt
  2. Lens? Certainly changes throughout life… does that count as growing?
  3. Augmented Technology (AR)
  4. When in doubt… kidney? (Has a Loop of Henle, maybe that goes round an Island I’ve forgotten since GCSE Biology?)
  5. Know it’s easily identifiable from other creatures skulls, not really sure which specific part makes it so… Rounded inproportionally large cranium🤷🏻‍♀️??? Doesn’t seem specific enough though.
🧡 Sprot and Leisure
  1. :woman_shrugging:t2: Leeds?
  2. Melbourne? They definitely have hosted.
  3. Meers-show’em - A Meercat employed professionally by Compare the Market?
  4. :thinking: I think Stamp collecting
  5. :thinking: I think I have heard Joe Lycett ask about this on Sewing Bee so I’m going to say (with no certainty) wear it.

Thanks @Ian_Chimp - enjoyed it but they were hard!!

Gramatical typo in question :orange_heart:5? “do” not “did”?


Not going to lie… quite happy with that - better than I thought! :rofl:

Answers to Hump Day Quiz 05.05.21


  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. Lisbon
  3. The exclamation mark makes me think making a toast
  4. Hmm… I’m pretty sure it was a gift from France so I’m gonna guess Paris
  5. Cinnamon


  1. No idea
  2. No idea
  3. FINALLY. An entertainment question I can actually answer. Bradley Cooper (and in case I get any bonus points he played Jake and it was season 2 :blush:)
  4. No idea
  5. Fantasia?


  1. Bluetooth?
  2. Captain of the Titanic
  3. No idea
  4. No idea
  5. Fake banknotes?

Art & Lit:

  1. Guess at Ramona the Pest
  2. No idea
  3. Throw back Thursday
  4. Covet? Absolute guess
  5. No idea

Science & Nature:

  1. The asteroid belt
  2. The iris?
  3. Augmented reality
  4. Pancreas
  5. No idea… The jaw?

Sprot & Leisure:

  1. No idea
  2. Melbourne
  3. No idea… I was going to say a type of meerkat then realised we’re on the sports round :joy:
  4. No idea
  5. Wear it!

They look hard this week so I’m going to skip as I want to keep my average score in double digits :dizzy_face: