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@Hubby.and.Wife thanks we’d like that, we’ll do the same.

Yeah we’re not sure it looks like just underwear pictures, some look quite hot though

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@Hubby.and.Wife i did post one of me in my pants but it got taken down not sure why

@Hubby.and.Wife @NaughtyCouple85 it would be good to be able to have private chats and share photos too

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Yes there must be a way lol

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These conversations are going off topic so take it over to the lounge thread and keep this thread for what it’s meant to be, and it’s against the forum rules to engage in one to one chats on any thread :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes sorry you are right


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Sorry what’s the lounge thread?

If a conversation goes off topic you can carry it on here, but the chat has to be open to for everyone to join in, you can’t have one-to-one chats on any thread :slightly_smiling_face:


Ahh ok, thanks we’re new to this so still learning what’s what

That’s ok no worries :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Dirty-Wife hi guys I didn’t know that either so sorry

Please have a read of the forum rules.

The Lovehoney Forum is not a place for arranging hook-ups, sex chat, cyber sex or other personal solicitations. It is not a place to post links to pornography or erotica, or a place for seeking out material you may use to masturbate.



Hi Brenna

Understood, we are new to this and just got a bit carried away with the conversation

Sorry for not sticking to the rules x

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Bonnie Toilet?

I’ll get my coat… :rofl:

Love this - this is so useful!
I never really had a clue what any of the terms meant… to be fair either in baseball or dating, but at least I have a reference guide now for dating :rofl:.

Personally, I have definitely been know to have trouble with that Seventh-Inning Stretch!

I knew a few of them (more by exposure to sit coms than anything). At some point ive come across switch hitter as another nickname for bi too. Though i haven’t the foggiest where.
Thought it was useful for clarity on the bases, if nothing else. I always get them mixed up :joy:


@Green_Eyed_Girl @Melody1 what’s the best time to see the meteor shower as i like a bit of astronomy and as I’m off work for a while it’ll be worth staying up/getting up for.

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When its dark? :rofl:

Its on now, and will peak on the 13th.
Basically just go outside and look towards perseus (its kind of in the direction of ursa major/the plow) and wait for your eyes to adjust. Its dense enough as long as its clear, chances are you’ll see some if your patient :+1:


I’m out right now. I think another 10 to 15 mins and it will be just about dark. No clouds at all but the moon is pretty bright

As is my phone screen :grin:

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@Green_Eyed_Girl , @pootle

One down!

Update: come in there’s too much light. Might try again later

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