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Thought I’d move us here to avoid going off topic in that wand thread but yes, I agree with you, a lot are similar and at a similar price but just very different packaging and, I guess, marketing. My review of the rabbits was pretty much a straight comparison of the two because they look so similar… but actually in use were very different. Pics to demonstrate. The advantage of it being an own brand is that it means both brand of toys regularly appear with great discounts in the sales, Mantric was a regular contender when Deal of the Day was still a thing where independent brands rarely get large discounts unless they’re being discontinued as are over stocked.

Womanizer is more complicated as both Womanizer and We-Vibe are Wow Tech brands… which is now part of “The Lovehoney Group” so they’re not totally independent from Lovehoney. Maybe why they often come up as testers where totally independent brands with new products sometimes don’t and have no reviews? They don’t seem to get quite the same sale discounts as “in house” brands though.

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Just thought I’d see how you’re doing @Gazza_64 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thats interesting, but you’re right we definitely benefit from the great discounts. So the more brands that come under The Lovehoney Group, the better for us in terms of discounts and tester products!

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Hi @Cuck1873 , just a friendly heads up. I think the reason your profile picture keeps getting removed is because it is deemed “sexual activity”. Obviously, it’s not explicit but I expect it will vanish again when Brenna is back. If you don’t want the hassle of it vanishing again I suggest trying a different photo :+1::blush:.

Thank you so much @Peitho :blush:

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I hope you’re having a wonderful time getting to know each other. Fudge looks a great friend to have by your side :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you :blush:he’s been here 5 weeks now and can sit, give a paw, brings his bowl through when he needs water :joy:, had finally master climbing the stairs and going down again and he had his first walk outside yesterday :blush:. Fudge and Mittens (my cat) only started playing together today so we’re definitely having fun . :blush:

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Aww man, @JoCat I think this might end up having to be the inspiration for a scene in my Chicago Fire fanfic! :joy:

Hope you don’t mind!!

Haha go for it :rofl: be sure to note the OPs name, just for your own reference :wink:

@HornyHousewife69 I just wondered what you’re wearing in your profile pic? If it’s lingerie from LH, could you tell me which one it is? It looks lovely :heart_eyes:

No it’s not from LH

Ah, shame! It’s lovely anyway, love the details!

Happy Friday all! Hope you’ve all had the best week :raised_hands::raised_hands:

@steve19 Im away, another university open day visit with my son

That’s late, is he looking to start in Sept this year or are you looking for next year. I missed university in my day only the really clever ones went to uni. I had to do my professional exams at day release/night school. GOOD LUCK . I’m also on holiday fly back tomorrow. @The_Little_Ladybird

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@steve19 we are early… he goes Sept 24 xx

That makes sense now. I hope things went well. @The_Little_Ladybird


Nice review I have i thrusying vibrator i findbit strangecwhen.on the thrusting motions

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