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It’s great to have you back @pootle you have been missed. Sorry to hear about your situation but try to talk/communicate and hopefully over time things will improve. I know what you mean though, I read posts and think my god every bodies having sex daily or something like that. Whereas I’m not, so you do feel down. Big hugs all round.

Hi @pootle Welcome back lovely. Sorry to read that you’ve been affected by posts, its never a nice feeling to feel like you’re missing out and lonely. It sounds like its not just sexually but in other aspects of the relationship. I hope you can talk with her about how you’re feeling, not just sexually but in general with the relationship. Everyone deserves to be happy, whether thats with a partner in a relationship or alone.


Mate - that sounds rough.
I totally agree with @JoCat - you deserve to be happy
My partner and I have had some rough patches. I’ve written about our most fun sexploits on this forum from time to time, but often life can be a grind, and we have been through some really difficult patches. It’s not all pussyjobs and smiles!!!
Therapy moved the dial for us - have you been to see someone together?
Sounds like you need a safe space to be honest about your needs and wants.
No idea what you guys are going through, and what you have tried so far.
Wishing you all the best @pootle


Not seen this weeks yet. Will watch tomorrow xx

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Gonna watch it this afternoon, congratulations on your accomplishment! Bit of info i learned recently about Victoria…she produced a porn movie!

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Those people are definitely wired differently. I’m OK on the missing vowels but I’m lucky if I get one one or two of the other questions correct.

Mind you my brain is probably dead by then as Monday night is definitely quiz night.

Richard Osmond’s House of Games
Only Connect
University Challenge



Haha the only one of those I don’t watch is Universally Challenged :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I love quiz shows and pick up no end of random trivia from places. I know a little about a lot, and a lot about very little!

Sometimes I’m lucky on Only Connect and can get the connections, I can usually get a couple on the walls; the last round is definitely my strength :+1:t2:


All this talk about quizzes and not one of you has had a go at @M-Sfnb1 's Music Quiz! If I win by default it will be an absolute fallacy as we all know Music is by far my weakest subject and my attempt was pitiful. @WillC , come on, you are the forum Music Mastermind.

Monday night normally, is absolutely quiz night. I’m like @MsSubExperimenter and skip University Challenge though, too hard for me and definitely not as much fun as the others. I was, however, out last night for a catch with a friend over dinner which was lovely and definitely cheered me up AND I now have Only Connect to watch later in the week than normal and that will also make me happy :blush:


Sorry, i have been busy with family stuff and work, you are right i love quizzes and music, so it pains me to miss out!
Will try and participate in future quizzes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just watched it, like you i got 100% on missing vowels, a couple on the wall, and a few connections, so i was happy with that! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Many thanks @steve19 @JoCat @our-adventure-bed for your replies,it helps me alot.
Don’t know what else to say really, but perhaps when i get back into the swing of things on here it may be different.


There’s other topics to take part in, like music and games, films tv etc if that helps.
Always someone about if you need a distraction.

For sure get in on the quiz @pootle a wee non interactive change of pace and its non sexual so a great distraction. I’ll tag you so you can easily find it.

Use your imagination!

Morning folks, just posted a quiz if anyone wants to have a go?

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Trying to get used to our new normal with Ghost as our only dog.

We had our beloved Lilly put to sleep on Tuesday. We knew she wouldn’t be around forever, but she really went downhill over a few days and it was the kindest thing we could do for her. Would make the same decision 100 times over, no matter the pain it causes us.

It’s by far the worst part of pet ownership, but the love, companionship and laughter is well worth the cost :broken_heart:

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So sorry to read this @MsSubExperimenter , they definitely take a piece of our heart with them. Lots of remembering the fun times and happy memories and not the end. Big hugs to you and to Ghost too :heart:

So sorry for your loss, i know how hard it is. We’re on our 4th rescue dog, and they have all been wonderful. But making the big decision is always hard. :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

I’m sorry to read that. It really is the worst part but the ultimate kindness. Big hugs lovely :people_hugging:

It’s a kindness to them but so hard to do when they are loved so much. I have had the same responsibility with several of our cats all of which were character’s in their own rights :smiling_face_with_tear: