The lovehoney app

Don’t know if this is right place but here goes anyway.

Just got new phone and before I had the lovehoney forum app, now I can’t find it in Play store.

Anyone got a link for it?

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I don’t believe there is an app but you can save the link to your main homepage on the phone.

There is definitely an app but sorry i don’t remember how to find it. I’ll tag @Ian_Chimp as i think he knows how so should be able to work his magic for you

Oh I didn’t know there was an app. I’m keeping an eye on this thread so I can download it too. Thank you x

I never knew there was an app :pleading_face:

Glad I wasn’t the only one haha

I think the term ‘app’ is quite broad. :slightly_smiling_face: It’s more a private browser just for the Lovehoney Forum.

If you go to your phone’s browser menu when on a forum page you should see an option for ‘install app’ (or something similar depending on your device). :+1:


On my old phone (2month old) there is a app for the forum itself, soon as you click on it it loads forums up, no Web browser or links or anything like that but on this new phone I have lovehoney app for shopping which is called “sale for lovehoney”

The Forum App is not downloadable from the Playstore. You simply open your browser menu when on a forum page, and choose ‘install app’ (or similar, eg ‘add to homescreen’).

There is also a banner on the forum itself that offers to install it. If you dismiss this banner message but haven’t installed the app, you can clear your browser and that tricks it into offering it you again. :+1:

After all these years I never knew there was an app

It’s only been available since the upgrade on the 4th August, so you’ve not missed anything massive. :slightly_smiling_face: It looks very similar to the regular forum web pages, just self-contained.

I’ll do a screenshot on other phone and post pictures of it when I get back of forum app but here’s lovehoney app for buying from lobehoney

Still working this phone out and how to post pictures but the forum app I got from play store and on there now is a other lovehoney app which is exactly same as Web browser where you log in and it has all sale items, all your purchases like on Web browser

This is what’s in play store now which you can browse and purchase goods once you sign in

I’m afraid screenshots like that are only allowed in #your-photos (so they can get moderator approval). It’s only images from the Lovehoney website that are allowed across the whole boards.

I’ve had a quick look at Sale for LoveHoney, and it’s got no reviews, and only 100+ downloads. I don’t know if it’s an official one, but it doesn’t seem so?

But I thought you were after the forum one?

Yeah I just save the page on my phone too as didn’t know there was an app

That’s what I’m trying to find out if it’s legit or not, if it’s not a pinned post from admin should be put up making people aware of scamming background site.

Why not email or live chat customer care and ask? If it isn’t official then they may not have even been aware of its existence. Only Brenna regularly checks the forum and she is on leave so you aren’t likely to get an answer here any time soon

@oGunnerso I can’t find an app by that name on the Apps Store (Apple), if you could send a screenshot and let Customer Care know your concerns at that would be amazing.