The new kid on the block, I guess...

So, yeah, um, hi guys and girls. My name's Dave, I'm an 18-year-old aspiring physicist from the West Midlands.

I'm pansexual, I like to think I'm smart, and I am pretty much permanently horny. I do have a few toys from this site, but not nearly enough. (Can you ever get enough, I wonder?)

Sadly, I'm single - which sucks, because as stated, I pretty much always want sex - so of course to help I have a porn blog on tumblr. And by 'help' I mean 'increase frustration'

But anyway, yes, that's me. Also, I like roleplaying and answering questions, so yeah, ask away! :)

I'll try to remember to check on here regularly xD

Hello and welcome to the forum

Hi and welcome :)

Hello and welcome, make yourself at home! :)

Hi and welcome. Hope you have fun on here.

Mr and Mrs Badger.

Hello :)

Hello, welcome to the forum =D

Hi, welcome to the forms =)

Welcome and enjoy :-)

Hi, welcome :)

Welcome ;)

hi and welcome to the forum!

By the way, I forgot to mention

> I'm androgynous - I prefer not to identify as a gender.

>My tumblr is

So, yeah, have fun x3

Hello and welcome. :)

Hi dave x

hi welcome