The New Nudist

Hi all.

Just lately I’m finding myself become a nudist more and more (doing jobs about the house naked (with the curtains closed) spending time at night when it’s dark in the garden naked (just sitting enjoying a drink)

I have to say I’m enjoying it! I would like to go the next step and have been doing a bit of research. I think a beach maybe my best option as I feel it would be less awkward than a “club” as I can settle myself down in amongst some long grasses in the dunes etc.

How did others start their nudist journey?


I love being naked in the back garden edited by mod

I vividly remember my first venture to a so called clothing optional beach. I laid out on the sand for about 15 minutes then took a deep breath and dropped the shorts expecting the entire beach to come to a stop. No one paid any mind and after that it was game on. The worst part is simply what you will perceive it to be like. After you get through that it’s complete freedom.


I used to go to a naturist swim, it always got hot there.

Well they had a sauna room, too :wink:

I would love that

People have outrageous fantasies mine is just to be naked under a water fall cuddling with my partner inside me


That sounds good.i tey not to judge otherw fantasies thiugh, everybody has one :blush:

To be honest we’ve done everything else I’m saving this for my honeymoon in the Maldives :joy:

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A few thoughts, as we’re quite further down the road.

Inform neighbours in a friendly way, and note their reactions, if they’re cool with it, go for it. Only so many times they can see you before it is nothing new, it’s only a naked body, we all have them!

Lots of beaches, and hotels with naturist terraces or areas, which don’t tend to be busy.

Staying on your sunbed is a safe haven, getting off is harder, but when you are ready, u will eventually.

The big one is what has already been said, you are aware your naked, to everyone else, your just another naked person, in an area full of naked people, who you’ve seen many times over.

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I mostly started as soon as I was out of my parents’ house at age 26. It wasn’t really a sexual thing, I just prefer a simple life and not worrying about what I “have to” wear. I use clothing when practical and necessary, but I prefer not to bother with it. In other words… laziness. :rofl:


I have slept naked from an early age and have ever since. We are naked at home almost always. We went camping to a known semi legal area and met many others. I thought I’d be aroused all the time - only a couple of times honestly and it was all HER fault! LOL Being out there naked with others is just comfortable. The sun, breezes and the feeling of nothing on is wonderful.

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Hi. Like you I am fairly new to the joys of spending time naked. I enjoy being naked around the house whenever I can and also have a private spot in the garden where I can sit.

Not sure what prompted me to start, I just thought it would be a thrilling thing to do and it certainly is!

I have been visiting naturist beaches for about a year now, as well as going naked on more secluded ones, and have found it a very exhilarating experience. It gives you a great sense of freedom being naked in the great outdoors. I wouldn’t say that you necessarily need to hide yourself away as no-one takes much notice of you in my experience. After all, everyone else is naked, but you may want to ease yourself in gently until you feel more confident about it. How ever you go about it, I would definitely recommend it. Get out there while we have some semblance of summer :sun_with_face:.

We’re a few off going to vera playa club hotel in Almeria for the 2nd Yr running.

This is a fully naturist hotel, as are the surrounding areas

The hotel is clothing optional apart from the pool, but you’d struggle to find Any1 not naked, apart from restaurants or people partly covered maybe walking to a sunbed etc.

My OH was unsure b4 going, despite having plenty of experience of beaches and naturist terraces at hotels previously.

Upon arriving last year, she was naked from the off, and said it was the most relaxing holiday she’d had. Hence going again this year.

When everyone is doing a When in Rome situation, most apprehensions dissappear.
Add sun, sea, holiday vive, it’s such a good feeling, but you need to do it to appreciate it.

My advice is give it a go, it gets easier, trust me

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We went to a clothing optional beach after I worked up the courage to.

Eventually after a few minutes I worked up the courage to be naked. At first I was shy but then I realized I had nothing to worry about.

We love our clothing optional beach and normally in the summer we go every single week (this year we haven’t because we have been busier.

Have a look on British Naturism website. It has a a list of beaches, clubs etc.
I joined and have been to loads of events.

Highly recommend Nudefest. A week long festival in Somerset, great music, great people.

You will find the naturist community very welcoming and accepting

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Has nudedest already gone?

Says June on the info, could be wrong of course.

Went thru the website for the naturist assosiation, but found it to be mostly naturist walks and swims, which were nowhere nr where we live in the uk (Midlands)

Couldn’t find anything else that suited, which was a shame as we wanted to do more?

Nudefest is July next year. Tickets out November I think.
In midlands try Clover Spa, it’s a naturist spa & hotel.

In September theres the BN 60th weekend in Hay in Wye.

In August there’s Everybody Festival in Dorset. That’s good for new naturistxs as it’s clothing optional.

Other than that check BN website for activities in you region.

Sounds like you have made a good start and understand what the true joys of naturism are. Weirdly, in my now long experience, the more mundane the thing you do nude - hoovering, sitting in the garden - the more satisfying it is.

Whenever the subject of naturism comes up, the talk is of beaches, but although it might be an easy way of getting naked in public for the first time, it can be quite boring in the end, and isn’t really social naturism in the way that being in a club or going on a naturist holiday is.

It isn’t clear from your post whether you are a lone naturist, or half of a couple in which the other half is reluctant, or whether you are both up for it. By far the most important thing I learned as the keen half of a naturist couple is if there is any reluctance from your other half, you have to find some say of making it attractive to him/her - and sitting on a beach all day may not be the best in the long run.

To be honest. We live in a very built up area so it wouldn’t be fair on the surrounding neighbours. It would be purely at “clubs” and beaches. Just to be fully free and relaxed. I don’t intend on making it sexual in any way.

We started on holiday, went to the clothing optional beach, got set up and deep breaths then stripped of. As previously said no one batted an eye lid. Laid down sunbathed…

We always find the clothing optional beaches on holiday now, been to a few around the UK as well.