The Precision Factor

Quick poll to see who likes what kind of vibration stimulation. :slightly_smiling_face: (and I know choosing is tough, so you can pick two :+1:)

The toys in the poll are just examples, so you’ll have to look past the power and frequency of each, and simply judge it on the head-size.

And feel free to elaborate on your answers below. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I’ve answered for Mrs Chimp as I’m not that fussed by vibrations on myself too much (though would probably pick ‘enveloping’ in a pinch :slightly_smiling_face:).

Yes it is hard to choose because it can vary depending on my mood on a particular day so I’ve picked the type that I use most often :slightly_smiling_face:


Mrs Chimp likes both broad and precise depending on whim, so I went with her favourite of each. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have never tried one of the Zumio’s or anything else very precise that is vibrator based so I’m actually only discounting that on never having tried and I might in fact love it…

I think overall I am in the I want to have all of them and decide what to use based on sexual situation with OH or how I’m feeling at the time solo.


Honestly just depends on if it’s solo or together, and how hard we’re going at it if we’re together. It’s much easier to use a pin-point type alone or during slow sex, and a broader type when having rough sex or if want a slower build-up, as it’s hard to keep a pin-point type in the right place during this type of situation. :grin:

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I couldn’t tick a particular box either as it depends on my mood. Or should I say my clit’s mood.

She’s generally a leftie but every so often she goes off piste and my Zumio won’t work. My Tango fares better at times like this as the vibes are deep.

I’ve recently re-discovered my old We-Vibe Touch. I never had much success with it before now but I pulled it out on a whim last month for my partner to use on my shoulders. Of course, he then strayed off piste and ended up in Clitland where a few minutes later I thought I was about to hit the ceiling! Turns out it wasn’t a one-off either.

I rarely use my wands to orgasm as I find them too broad but I’ve learned patience is the key to a wand. They’re extremely useful to use with a dildo and the Tracey Cox Supersex is great with glass as there’s no off-putting clatter.


You can pick two boxes if that’s any help?

I could possibly narrow it down to three if that’s any good?

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