the sybian- ladies? who has tried this? is it as good as they say?

so have any of the girls out there ever been on this? what can you say about it?
i want to know is it worth the money as they run about $1000 or so. tell me and the others about this toy. what do you like most about it? do you use it alone or with someone? do you own it or it was a friends that you used? i would like to know from personal experience about this toy.

Erm- what is it?

its a vibrator that you straddle. and on the top is the attachments- it can vib and rotate very fast. faster then any other toy i hear.

Yeah... it looks a bit unnecessary to say the least. It appears to just be a big box with a dildo coming out of it... I can't see that it would be any better than a guy who knew what he was doing.

But then, I have never had trouble coming. So maybe I'm just spoiled.