The things people stop you in the street for...

Had to giggle today!

I was walking home from work, and got stopped by a guy. Now since I'd been out to a poshish resteraunt with the bloke yesterday and thus stopped at his, I had on nice office wear, so a dress and the classic seamed stockings (washed- not wearing them twice in a row, don't worry lol). Anyway, this guy stopped me and complimented me on them, so I'm thinking 'ok yeah, getting hit on cos I have the audacity to wear stockings therefore must be a slut' when he started going into all kinds of technical stuff about different makes and gives me a pen with a web address on ( if anyone is interested- pricey but some gorgeous classic stuff)! So now I'm wondering if he works for them, or buys his own stockings there... (He did compliment me on how sexy they were and ask me to go for a drink though, so I'm thinking maybe the first- unless there're more secret cross dressers than expected in Yorkshire!)

So anyway, thought I'd share. Not everyday you get hit on by a possible stocking fetishist!

You'll have to post a new avatar showing you wearing them Crayola ;-)

It's when someone stops you to compliment you on your butt plug that you need to start worrying!

StockingsHQ is well known by those who wear stockings regularly, I've heard it recommended on other forums. Bit of a weird incident though! I suspect he maybe worked for them.

I've never heard of them, so that's a relief - I'm officially not a cross dresser. Hoorah!

I can just imagine stopping someone in the street and complimenting their butt plug. Hillarious... :)

Who said I was a gentleman?

Another weird occurence to this story- my flatmates sister and her partner used to own half of stockingsHQ. Small world...

BBG a gentleman? Never lol

Well l'm not caughing to wearing stockings, but once after l had been around Skipton Castle the chap on the gate stopped me. He asked if l had ever been sculptured cos l had classical features!!! Did l go red or what- so much so in fact that Anne of The Right Thigh came back and enquired. It was a long time ago and the chap will be pushing up the daisies by now so n o harm done......
Wished l had done some of that stuff when younger, still life art etc, certainly had the bod for it !!
Oh humm.....