The "What's New?" favourites

For some reason the past couple of threads similar to this have been closed. I think it was due to the product images issue that showed up below the posts.. Hope this one doesn't end up the same way.

Anyways, back on topic- What's your favourite from the What's New sections?

I absolutely adore this new sexy STM tube dress

I'm also quite intrigued by the Doc johnson Wonderland range. I think I strangely like the Kinky Kat one-

Very much like the look of the DR Johnson toys , especially the cat, and the rabbit: I put them on my tester list and would love one of them to be my first tester product.

I also like the look of and

I love this Coquette Sheer Chemise with Floral Lace Detailing and i also like the red playful promises stuff & i really want the stockings in the picture they look lovely.

Ive also added some of the Doc Johnson Wonderland range to my testers list - seriously intriguing toys!