There used to be a round ball plug

I am sure I have seen a round ball-like butt plug on Lovehoney before but can't find it anywhere. Any ideas? Am I going mad?

Do you remember what it was made from? That might help us find it

Silicone. I think there were even a couple of sizes.

I don't like "wearing" plugs that are too long and thought I might look at the round ones. I used to think it would be too tricky to insert but I have had more practice now!

Doc johnson do one as I have one it is more tricky to insert but can be worn longer im sure it came from lovehoney....

Could it have been the Tantus Tex?

Or this backdoor jiggle balls plug?

Doc Johnson Truskyn?

Or even the Fun Factory B Balls?

These are the only four that are coming to mind, I think I recall a round glass one but not many silicone options.

I think it was doc Johnson. It must have been discontinued.

Dennice wrote:

doc johnson does this one plus all the red americian ones seem to be more round hope this helps x

I have this one! That's why I was looking for the next one! Thanks for your help though everyone.