Thicker Penis

Hi, my wife and I would love to try a penis extension, however everything that’s for sale, seems to be aimed at adding length, rather than girth to the penis (my wife does not want a longer penis, but the though of a thicker one, does turn her on). Also the extensions on sale (especially in my wife’s view) seem to be quite frightening in that they are huge, with some having ‘nodules’ on the side, whereas my wife simply wants something that will make my own penis a little thicker. We both feel that if there was such a thing as a ‘padded condom’, that this would be ideal. Can anyone recommend a simple penis sleeve that could help, as I think that wearing 10 condoms would just be ridiculous?

Thanks very much

Hi Michael29 - there are a number of products that are designed to increase the girth and not the length of the penis. They can be found in the Penis Extension category.

An extreme example is the Thick Ur Dick Open Ended Penis Extender - this one is open ended allowing the natural length of the penis to remain unchanged. A softer option is the Real Feel Penis Enhancer with optional mini bullet - again this is open ended which will leave the length unchanged. The rings like the Jaguar will also add girth at the base of the penis which will be felt during intercourse. Another thing you could do would be to buy a full length extender sleeve and then cut off the extension at the tip - this would give you a smooth sleeve that will be the right fit to you. Using one of the Extra Thick Cyberskin Sleeves would be the most comfortable and can easily be cut through leaving smooth edges.

I hope this helps. B

Ive bought the Thick ur Dick with my bf and have had it used on me, and its not easy to get his balls through the ring so he ignored that but his cock fitted into it and stayed on during our love making, and its felt good and thicker. So michael your wife shouldnt worry this is thicker but you do need plenty of lube.....

One thing I have heard done is to actually insert a safe male masturbator into the vagina and then have the penis penetrating that. The ones I have seen used are the Bad-dragon toys and they have very thick outer rings which stop them from just getting lost up there, but i'm sure you'll be able to find something of a similar nature.

Have you tried cock-rings? These can certainly make the cock thicker and harder. We really like the LH 'Big Daddy' one as it's adjustable.

I must say a cock ring is something id really like to try, i'll take a look at the 'Big Daddy'.

Hi, I just wanted to thank everyone for contributing xx

Dick Dastardly wrote:

I must say a cock ring is something id really like to try, i'll take a look at the 'Big Daddy'.

I should have said that I made a modification to the BD ring as mentioned here:-

This has the additional advantage that to tension the ring you are pulling on a loop rather than two separate ends which is a lot easier to do when you have lube on your hands.