Tiani 2 vs Tiani 3

I know that Lovehoney has discontinued Tiani (for now; though the lawsuit with We-Vibe has since been settled). But I'd like to ask those of you who own or have seen Tiani 2 AND 3 if you can help me with a comparison of how they actually feel.

The only thing I found on this topic is this help page by Lelo:

https://www.lelo.com/blog/choose-tiani2-tiani3-ida/ (if link is removed search for Lelo Blog Tiani Ida)

According to this, the main differences are that Tiani 2 has two extensions and Tiani 3 has a wider head for broader stimulation. Both have just one motor (only Tiani 24k has two motors), but some pages state that Tiani 3 is twice as powerful as Tiani 2, which would make sense given that T3 is heavier and has a much larger battery pack, but I have not seen this confirmed on any official product listing or on lelo.com.

Does anyone have anything to add in terms of how the vibrations feel, or how the inside part feels?

N.B. Regarding the above comparison with Ida: Having tried the Ida with my partner, I can attest that it is not suitable for women whose clitoris tends to be further up (Ida's disc was just a bit shy of reaching hers). It still felt fun inside, but even while having crazy sex with the thing on full power, the toy didn't really make it easier for her to orgasm. I hope this helps someone!